wipeout express seeds

This is a great strain for urban indoor growers – it is really vigorous but maxes out at around 1 meter tall (100cm), gets nice ‘n’ bushy but with a very low odour production which should keep the neighbours blissfully ignorant of what lurks next door.

Wipeout Express Auto is appropriately named; a true heavyweight with a fast ‘n’ furious knockout punch that will make you truly understand the term “couchlock”. A blend of a Northern Light/Afghani Auto together with a White Widow Auto, it has provided Heavyweight Seeds with the contender they were looking for.

This 90% indica was measured at 20% THC and is gloriously powerful for an auto-flowering strain with sparkling resin-covered buds.

Wipeout express seeds

We will match your seeds with Feminised or Auto depending on your selection, We have a great choice of free seeds from all the big brands!!



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Wipeout Express autoflowering feminized cannabis seeds from Heavyweight Seeds will take anybody out in just a couple of rounds. If you’re a newbie you can expect to go down in round one. Heavy THC percentages combined with impressive yields and amazing tastes give Wipeout Express a great head start when it comes wiping out the competition. When you are doneyou can experience first hand the incredible buzz from this 90% Indica dominant cannabis strain and once you do you’ll see why many patients use Wipeout Express as there go to for finding relieffrom chronic pain.

It is illegal to grow cannabis seeds in the UK. These seeds are for collectable and/or souvenir purposes only.

Note: We receive new seeds stock daily, on occasions yours will be ordered in & posted the very next day.

Outdoor growers see an average of 100 to 150 grams per plant or more depending on their experience level. With more than 20% THC and .5% CBD Wipeout Express autoflowering feminized cannabis seeds help your cannabis seed collection shine like a superstar. Get the cannabis seed you need without searching for long. All you have to do is shop for your cannabis seeds online at Ice Headshop.

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