wild man seeds

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Wild man seeds

The leaves contain natural anti-freezes that lower the freezing point of water. Caution: Never put garlic mustard leaves into a car radiator. It's not that kind of anti-freeze.

Large Lamb's-quarters Plant – Note how this non-woody plant branches like a tree.

False Hellebore (Veratrum viride)

Juneberry Branches and Berries – The red, unripe berries, as well as the blue, mature ones, are good to eat.

There are many ways to cook mulberries once youíve eaten your fill of fresh fruit. Cook them in their own juice until the mixture becomes liquid, and make a sweet mulberry slurry. Add a little lemon juice and orange rind to offset the sweetness, stir in a thickener and you have a pudding. I've made mulberry pies and mulberry muffins. You can do anything with mulberries you do with virtually any other berry, and they dry and freeze well. Lemon or lime juice enhances their flavor, since they donít have the acidity of other fruits.

Juneberry, Shadbush, Serviceberry (Amelanchier species)

Primary Habitats: Lawns and meadows, thickets, edge habitats, woodlands, and parks

Wild man seeds

So let me thank you for allowing me a second, third, fourth, fifth and many more chances to get to know you, to make such an impressive suit from your huge and attractive leaves, to become a burdock man, and after years of friendship, have the opportunity to sing your praises to all who care to listen.

Currently he is researching wild food and foraging in all its multiple aspects as he prepares to spend a year living entirely on what he can forage: The Year-Long 100% Wild Food Experiment., and is raising funds to do this. He is seeking individual contributions and company sponsorship

Makes 10-20 biscuits, depending on their size

We will spend the day in celebration of the Irish local terroir through ceremony and wild food and learning about the folklore, mystique and magic of the Fly Agaric mushroom in particular, along with whatever other wild food we find on the day.

Bee the change

As a general principle, infusing flowers and herbs into wine is a fantastic hassle free way to make a country wine – all the colour and flavour without all the potential wine-making mishaps and initial investment in equipment. Lazy! Simple! Fun!

Fergus also outputs a lot of on the fly content on youtube.

In addition he made a TV programme, The Roadkill Chef, for Jamie Oliver’s production company, exploring some more extreme food alternatives. He regularly appears on radio, podcast and television talking about wild food.

The Roadkill Chef

His latest series Wild food in Covid times invites you to join him and special guests for wild walks, with a focus on a particular subject each episode.

Not believing in the separation between life and play, hobbies and work, as well as the above, he likes to swim, run and cycle, think about and research environmental issues, play the violin, cook, work and play with plants and embrace the apparent random opportunities for work and play that come his way. Increasingly that has led to greater collaboration with others and more excursions into the realms of art, bushcraft, and an exploration of primitive and traditional nature based skills.