whitezilla seeds

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Whitezilla seeds

Our soil is nutrient-rich and all organic.

As certified by the State’s Air Resources Board, Lake County, CA has the cleanest air in California and an abundance of spring water. By using natural spring water instead of piping in water, the LAKE GRADE cultivation team is able to reduce its environmental footprint.

Picking Lake County as the birthplace for GRADE’s first product was an easy decision.

California Born + Raised

These values of sustainability and social consciousness are central to our company and our mission – Planting Trees for Future Generations.

The pistils tell us everything we need to know.

LAKE GRADE offers a class of gorgeous, full-term flower that is grown responsibly under the big, blue skies of Lake County, CA. This premium, sun-grown cannabis comes from statuesque trees that are nurtured to reach their full potential, standing up to 16′ tall. LAKE GRADE’s proprietary strains are cultivated by a team of local growers who have dedicated their lives to clean and sustainable growing practices in order to deliver consistent yields and quality year after year.

Planting Trees
for Future Generations

From seed to harvest, LAKE GRADE’s beautiful buds come from stunning trees that are tended to with old school TLC and harvested at their THC production peak. They are rack-dried and hand-trimmed using the ‘rule of thumb,’ meaning each bud that becomes a LAKE GRADE 1/8th is the size of a thumbnail (or larger) because the team at LAKE GRADE believes that you deserve to enjoy premium, craft cannabis.

“LAKE GRADE ™ was a joy to create on our farm, which is situated in Lake County and the entire team dug deep to get this premium quality product to market. We are very proud of the first production run of flower and have already approved a second run based on our sales to date, which have exceeded our initial forecasts.”