white cherry og seeds

White cherry og seeds

While this taste alone would be off-putting, it works well with the fruity, sweet flavor. Hints of vanilla sneak in as well as a sour, citrusy zest. Users may be able to find the taste of earth that wraps up the exhale.

Cherry OG weed is utilized in the care and management of stress and anxiety disorders. Users cite that it reduces stress while improving energy, concentration, and focus. It is not widely used for sleep or to regulate sleeping patterns, yet it has been cited in reducing symptoms of depression, which may lead to better sleep.


The Cherry OG strain boasts a cerebral high that is not only high-impact but energizing. Despite its euphoric effects, it isn’t a bitter or harsh strain. Those with THC sensitivities, however, should toke this one with caution. It has a THC level that tops up to 22% with low CBD at 1%. It also has a complex background that lends characteristics to both an indica and sativa heritage. It comes from the potent strains Cherry Thai, an Afghani strain, and Lost Coast OG.

That is to say, Cherry OG is the perfect unity of opposites. It’s buzzy without being too soft and yet still calming and relaxing. If you’ve got things to do, but want to wind down just a bit, this may be your go-to. You’ll experience a lofty euphoria but without the mind-muddling effects of some other strains. Your creativity will be in overdrive, and your focus will be crisp and sharp.

Medical Benefits of the Cherry OG Strain

The Cherry OG strain is a cross between two potent mixed strains – Lost Coast OG and Cherry Thai. While these aren’t landraces per se, they are imbued with some potent qualities they’ve passed on to Cherry OG. Users should expect not only an intense high but a cerebral one. It’s a strain that is as uplifting as it is powerful. Anyone with sensitivities to THC should toke low and slow.

White cherry og seeds

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  • Sweet
  • Berry
  • Earthy
  • Pungent
  • Diesel

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Cherry OG Feminised

Cherry OG reviews

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Cherry OG Feminized Seeds

Xantha from Latvia

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It is another strain with amazing vegetative growth which requires a steady supply nitrogen fertiliser along with micro-nutrients calcium and magnesium to maintain its vivid green appearance. This indica/sativa hybrid will take about 9 – 10 weeks to flower indoors, outdoors it is ready in early October, and will produce quite a prodigious harvest with dense, medium-sized buds that are gleaming with resin. Lower buds will be excellent for all extraction methods. The taste of Cherry OG has some variation, ranging from sweet cherry through to a sour diesel/fuel character.

Cherry OG has a complex genetic background. Cherry Thai sativa was crossed with an old skool Afghan and the result then back-crossed several times until the original cherry flavour and super, soaring, sativa effect of the Cherry Thai was dominant. This was then crossed with Emerald Triangle’s Lost Coast OG to make it even more potent and to add a certain sourness to the flavour.

Get the best of both worlds with Cherry OG – a clear, uplifting high with a lovely Kush-type relaxing effect.