when can i start growing weed in michigan

If you’re looking to grow some plants at your house for you, then you’re looking for the Class A license.

That’s how the law reads.

That means you’re going to want to be growing indoors, or outside in a shed or grow house. Keep in mind this is Michigan — the weather changes rapidly.

By the way . here’s why you may see the state spell marijuana as ‘marihuana’

Of course, while growing and using is legal, law enforcement officials are reminding residents that marijuana will be treated like alcohol: You can’t drive while under the influence, and using it openly in public can get you arrested.

What do you have questions about in Metro Detroit or Michigan that you’d like us to investigate?

Legal adults in Michigan are allowed to grow up to 12 marijuana plants inside their residence. That’s according to the proposal language that was approved.

But how much can you grow and where can you grow it?

That makes Michigan’s household marijuana cultivation law the least strict out of all of the states.

LARA offers the following explanation for why you may see the department refer to marijuana as “marihuana,” substituting the “j” for an “h”:

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Cultivation and Possession with Intent to Sell Marijuana Decriminalized

100 or more plants:

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Although cultivation of marijuana has mostly been decriminalized, you can still potentially face criminal charges.