what type of soil is best for growing weed

What type of soil is best for growing weed

Nugbuckets is a famous organic soil grower! Check out his plants!

Generally, anything labeled as an “organic potting mix” will work. This type of mix hasn’t been amended with chemical slow-release nutrients, which is one of the main things you want to avoid with soil for cannabis. I know it sounds like heresy, but even the Miracle-Gro version of “organic potting mix” will work okay, because unlike their original potting mix it doesn’t contain chemical nutrients (though it still has poor drainage and moisture retention – almost any other type of organic potting mix is better!).

I think most growers agree a good cannabis soil should look dark and rich, with a loose texture that drains well and can hold water without getting muddy (you want wet soil, not dirt-batter!). But beyond that, what do you look for?

What gets the best results for growing cannabis is a soil with a light texture that is good at retaining water…but not too much!

Organic Potting Mix

Usually an organic potting mix does not have enough nutrients to last your plants for more than a few weeks, so it’s a good idea to always supplement with cannabis-friendly nutrients, especially in the flowering stage when your plant is making buds and needs lots of extra Phosphorus and Potassium.


Good Cannabis Soil
This soil has quite a bit of perlite, which is a good choice if you plan to feed heavily with nutrients and supplements since the extra perlite prevents nutrient buildup in the soil

Kind “Super” Soil (Living Soil)

Some growers choose an amended and composted “hot” soil that slowly releases nutrients over time. With this type of soil, you typically just add water or natural supplements like worm tea from seed to harvest. Other growers prefer a lighter potting mix so they have more control, and give nutrients in the water once the plant roots have used up the nutrients in the soil. But which brands can you trust?

Their Ocean Forest soil mix is “hotter” soil (higher levels of nutrients) that contains ingredients that cannabis plants love, including earthworm castings, bat guano, fish meal and crab meal. The nutrients contained in the soil will provide everything your plant needs for several weeks. Although it might give young seedlings just a touch of nutrient burn at first, they can be started in Ocean Forest soil and will soon be able to use the nutrients and start growing quickly. Some growers might put a little big of Happy Frog on top of a container of Ocean Forest, just to make it a little more gentle for seedlings the first week or two.

What type of soil is best for growing weed

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The Ideal Soil pH Level for Cannabis

This brand is also worthy to be mentioned. It’s another bag of soil used and loved by cannabis growers. The favorite of many is the Ocean Forest Mix because it’s primarily efficient at providing the appropriate soil conditions for your cannabis plants to grow to their full potential. Cannabis plants love this mix because it includes the following ingredients: bat guano, composted forest humus, crab meal, granite dust, Norwegian kelp, oyster shell, sandy loam, sea-going fish emulsion, shrimp meal, sphagnum peat moss, and worm castings.

Fox Farm Soil

Because soil has water, it obviously has a pH level. And because cannabis likes a slightly acidic soil, we’ll talk about why the perfect pH number is 6. If the soil has this number, it will allow the cannabis plant to flourish. If it goes a bit lower than 5.8 or higher than 6.3, the plant can still sustain itself but don’t expect it to produce excellent yields.