what kind of dirt is best for growing weed

What kind of dirt is best for growing weed

Despite being an expensive option, it is a high-end soil option for organic soil mix. It pays off, especially the fact that you will not invest in a PH pen. For an easy-to-use cannabis soil mix, you will not be wrong choosing this option.

1. Purple Cow Organic IndiCanja

Coast of Maine CMSBO15 Stonington Blend Organic Growers Potting Soil Mix with All Natural Oceanic Ingredients for Planters and Pots, 1.5 Cubic Feet

4. Mother Earth Coco for Indoor/Outdoor Garden Perlite Mix

This soil mixture is for cannabis containing all the essential minerals and nutrients that foster your plants’ thriving. However, these ingredients make this soil costly. The good news is that investing in it will help you harvest heavily and on time. Besides, despite the hefty price of Coast of Maine organic Stonington, it performs awesomely well. It is super soil for cannabis you will come across. Above all, it is ideal for every cannabis grower; thus, you shouldn’t think twice about ordering this soil if you are a beginner.

What kind of dirt is best for growing weed

If you get the soil part right, you have almost everything you need to get to harvest! With the correct texture, drainage and water retention, you’ve got a perfect base. Add good soil cannabis nutrients, especially in the budding phase, and you should get to harvest with great results!

Note: You’ll likely never see any soil mix with ALL those ingredients, but I wanted to share examples of common cannabis-friendly ingredients and amendments that often appear on the label of good soil

Signs of Good Cannabis Soil

Nugbuckets is a famous organic soil grower! Check out his plants!

Example of “Good” Cannabis Soil Ingredients

Note: Don’t worry, there’ll be examples of good and bad soil in just a bit!