what is the best cfl light for growing weed

What is the best cfl light for growing weed

To get big, productive buds when using fluorescent light bulbs for growing weed, you need the most light intensity that you can produce. This is the most important factor when flowering with CFL lights.


As mentioned, the coverage of one CFL bulb will only produce enough light exposure to about 12 inches away from the bulb itself. This means that you’ll probably need multiple lights per plant to account for lateral growth.

If you are trying to do a single CFL grow operation with only one bulb, you need a small plant that flowers quickly, like an autoflower variety. Keep in mind that the yield of cannabis will be low with this setup. But, if you can’t spare more room than this, it’s still doable multiple times a year!

How To Get Big Buds With CFL


Many novice cannabis growers do great with CFL setups during the vegetative stage but fail when the plants go to flower. If you want bigger, denser, more potent buds, you need maximal light intensity.

You can grow marijuana with CFL grow light bulbs in soil or hydroponically. Regardless of the growing medium, light needs remain the same.

Pros & Cons Of CFL Lights For Growing Weed

Investing in a timer to turn the CFL lights on and off on an optimal schedule for the plant’s stages of life is a good idea. It’s also a good idea to invest in high-quality growing medium and nutrients to improve yields.

Let’s take a look at CFL lights for growing weed. There are quite a few options for lighting when looking to grow cannabis indoors. CFL lightbulbs are becoming more popular because they are beginner-friendly and easy to use. The best CFL lights for growing weed will help you produce more marijuana in small spaces than you thought was possible. If you have a small space that you want to utilize for growing ganja, CFL lights may be the best option!

What is the best cfl light for growing weed

This is what I use for each plant:

This is important! Water your marijuana plants until you get at least 20% extra runoff water out the bottom.

How to get started

If you wanted your marijuana to grow to be 5 feet tall, then switch them to flowering when they’re at a height of 2.5 feet.

Yields to Expect: 1-3 ounces/plant (if you follow the directions in this tutorial)

What is the best cfl light for growing weed

Mix Different Color Bulbs Together
Best suited to Any Stage of Life

However, you can still use bending and training to make your plant grow however short and bushy you want, no matter how it grows!

What has a greater effect on your results is how much light (wattage) in total. More light/wattage is better with CFLs. For example, I’d rather have 150W of 5500k bulbs than 100W of 2700k bulbs for flowering. The increased light intensity will help your yields more than getting the exact right color spectrum.

I want to see a real CFL grow in action! Show me a CFL dresser microgrow with lots of pictures: CFL Micro-Grow Pictures – Week by Week

CFL stands for “compact fluorescent light” and even though these lights can be found at any hardware or grocery store, they actually give off a really great light spectrum for growing marijuana.

You will need light (CFLs), a place to grow, nutrients and a few other supplies to get started growing cannabis with CFLs.

Step 4: Start Your Plants!

The plant above has been untrained and has grown into the natural “Christmas Tree” shape of cannabis plants. But that’s not the best way to get bigger yields with CFLs.

CFL Grow Lights