weeds growing through stones

Weeds growing through stones

Apply a pre-emergent weed killer in spring or fall to prevent weed growth in the future. If the weed problem continues, considering using broadleaf weed killers like 2,4-D or a pre-emergent, post-emergent combo like Atrazine. Simply mix the right amount in a spray bottle and apply directly to any weed problem areas to kill weeds down to the weed root.

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1. Weed Killer

Simply boil a kettle and pour it out on the weeds you wish to kill. Boiling water destroys plant cuticles and essential systems, killing them. While this method may be effective on a few dandelions growing in your gravel driveway, it’s probably not optimal for weed control in large areas.

To apply salt in small areas as a form of weed control, we recommend dissolving 1 cup of salt in 3 cups of boiling water. Once the salt has dissolved, pour the saltwater on the desired area. This method keeps salt from blowing away during the spreading process.

8 Tips on How to Stop Weeds from Growing Through Pebbles

Pebbles are an excellent ground covering. They come in different colors and sizes, can be used in many different areas, and suppress unwanted plant growth. However, some pesky weeds can grow quickly through pebbles and pea gravel.

Weeds growing through stones

If you are about to lay a new gravel or slate surface in your garden, the most useful method for preventing weeds is the use of a specially designed weed membrane.

There are some factors that should be considered when using weed membrane for weed prevention:

Gravel and slate surfaces are a popular component for any garden and, when applied and maintained correctly, result in a beautiful, versatile and low-maintenance solution. The popularity of these surfaces continues to grow thanks to the host of benefits it provides.

Due to the porous and naturally laying surface of a gravel or slate garden, weeds can unfortunately find their way through and spoil your pristine surface. This is not uncommon and will affect most gravel or slate gardens without adequate preparation or maintenance.

Weeding by hand

With gravel and slate, you are less to have desirable plants sharing the same space as the weed in your firing line, which is another benefit of the surface type.

Simply follow this weed-busting guide and those pesky weeds will be a thing of the past.

Dissolve the salt in water to create a solution. Aim for a starting concentration ratio of about 3:1 in favour of water. You can then increase the salt levels as required.

Prevent weeds from breaking out with a weed control membrane or fabric


Weeds are renowned for their perseverance and it may be impossible to totally eradicate them. Some weeds can always find a way sneak through any measures you put in place; however, these measures should certainly see your weed problems greatly reduced on a long-term basis.