weeds growing through gravel

Weeds growing through gravel

However, weeds can easily grow up between the pebbles if the right conditions allow.

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How to stop weeds: You will need to get permeable landscape fabric to put under gravel and prevent weeds coming back (Image: GETTY)

Three ingredient weedkiller

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Weeds growing through gravel

It is also available in diluted form under various brand names. However, instead of using these expensive cans or sprays. I use undiluted glyphosate and dilute it myself with water for clearing weeds from driveways and other large areas. It is super concentrated and easy to apply with a watering-can

Glyphosate kills the whole plant including the roots.

The pros;

Tools for digging weeds out of gravel drives and paths.

Gravel driveways add a bit of rustic charm to your home. Gravel is a lot cheaper than block paving, cleaner than tarmac, good for drainage, looks better and more ECO friendly than imprinted concrete and also help with security. Burglars hate walking or driving over crunchy gravel.