weeds and seeds recipe

Weeds & Seeds survival cereal is a nutritional rock star, with many ingredients locally and ethically harvested. Using over 95% organic ingredients, it is raw, vegan, high in dietary fibre, 0% sugar per serving and gluten, lactose and GMO free – just to name a few of its nutritional benefits!

Not just any weeds.

But we feel it's the weeds in Weeds & Seeds that sets us apart from similar products out there. Powerhouses like dandelion and plantain leaf are chalked full of antioxidants and immune boosting vitamins A and C. Both are said to be powerful healers, used to purify the blood, address digestion-related problems, and prevent piles and gallstones, among other maladies. Traditional herbal medicine practices use dandelion for their diuretic effect used to rid the body of excess fluid, which can lead to lowered blood pressure.⁠

Versatility is another quality this product boasts. Just add two tablespoons to granola, yogurt, milks, smoothies, oatmeal, salads or baking, and you’re well on your way to a healthy gut and meeting your daily nutritional requirements!

Weeds and seeds recipe

Now slowly add the warm water and mix through. Gently knead into a soft, pliable ball.

In a mixing bowl, add the olive oil to the spelt and mix in, with the back of a metal spoon, until well distributed.

After 20 minutes is up, remove from oven and, using a frying pan slice, slip the crackers onto a wire rack to cool.

This is my Mark II revision of these fantastic, versatile little crackers. Honestly, you’ll never buy crisps or junk biscuits again! They are so tasty and go well down a treat with cheese, pesto – especially wild garlic pesto at this time of the year, hoummous, chutney, pate and seaweed or salmon mousse, or just on their own.

Then add all the other dry ingredients stirring to distribute evenly.