weed seed feed plexus


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A revolutionary probiotic with clinically-demonstrated ingredients that help improve your health and your mood! Delivering 8 diverse probiotic strains (that reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, reduce GI distress, and rebalance your gut microflora) and 20 billion live cultures in a delayed release capsule, ensuring exceptional microbiome support. Gluten-Free, 100% Vegetarian, and Non-GMO. No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

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Weed seed feed plexus

Go after bad microbes, toxins, and yeast with ProBio5 and flush it all out gently while oxygenating your system with BioCleanse

By providing PREbiotics, the Superfood for the good microbes, let the good bacteria flourish! Slim has MANY other wonderful health benefits. Hello #balance

These Plexus products help you get to the ROOT of your health. When your microbiome (Gut Health) is out of balance, health issues pop up and add on like a domino effect. No more masking symptoms, instead, focus on the epicenter of your health!

Reduce harmful compounds with a Fully Methylated multivitamin, containing 19 essential vitamins and 50 naturally occurring trace minerals. XFactor Plus also contains Polyphenols, and helps reduce stress. The world’s only aloe containing multivitamin that allows for 306% better absorption of vitamins and minerals.

Supports healthy digestion*

Formulated to deliver 2 billion CFU per capsule at time of manufacture

Antibiotics can cause a bacterial imbalance that may lead to yeast imbalance. 2

Plexus Nerve™

ProBio 5 is made for anyone who may be suffering from the effects of a possibly unbalanced gut. By creating an environment for balance in the intestinal tract, ProBio 5 helps keep yeast in balance and set the stage for a truly healthy digestive system.*

Take 1-4 capsules at bedtime, until desired results are achieved.

Helps support a healthy intestinal tract*

Plexus MetaBurn™

Yeast imbalance can cause many health problems, from gas, bloating, indigestion to mood swings, skin problems and fatigue. 1

With its unique blend of enzymes and probiotics, Plexus ® ProBio 5 helps keep intestinal yeast in balance creating an optimal gut environment and promoting a healthy digestive system.*