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What’s up fellow weed growers!

I’d like to thank those of you who’ve reached out and let me know that you’re following along. Some of you have even told me you grew the cleanest weed you ever have, which is awesome.

So you’ve got to make some cuts. The question: which? We’re going to keep it crazy simple.

That’s sort of it. The plants are going to get weirder and weirder from here on out: The colas start extending upward, and the plant takes on a weirder shape.

How to germinate weed seeds

In the graves, I grew another Sweet Annie, and interestingly, this one performed totally differently. Seeds were started on the same day, soil was incredible, but I don’t think it got as much sun as I was expecting it to, and the buds were just kind of airy. They never got dense. It seemed a little bit wimpy, all in all, four and a half ounces from this one.

If you want to be done there, be done.

Again, you want to use narrow-bladed shears to trim off excess plant material, snipping leaves from the stem, if possible. Just as with wet trimming, this weed is for my own personal use, so there is no reason to go as extreme in trimming as the buds you see in the dispensary. A few extra leaves actually help protect the buds in storage.

Lessons learned

I also use hangers. I hang these on the wardrobe and then hang branches directly on these to exponentially increase space. On each hanger, I put a little masking tape label, pre-made, so that I can quickly and easily name the cultivar at harvest time. I also have clothespins on hand in case I don’t get perfectly hookable branches. For little baby buds, I have an herb-drying rack where I can lay them to dry.

They can germinate anywhere between 3-12 days.

Vice News, an online news organization, produces excellent cannabis coverage under the “The Munchies” brand. Cannabis is used directly in the culinary process on the cookery program. With this channel, the crew does an excellent job of producing high-quality content that is also entertaining to watch. Overall, this channel can assist patients around the country in better knowing how to prepare cannabis-infused foods.

The channel also performs an excellent job with product evaluations, which might assist people who wish to grow their own cannabis. Patients are taught firsthand what it takes to be a cannabis grower on the Cannabis in Canada YouTube channel.

As the cannabis business grows, so does the number of individuals interested in watching videos about weed. Despite the frequent interference of advertisers on YouTube, a flourishing cannabis community exists.

13. Growing Exposed

TokinGLX’s regular material also includes a few live streams. While Paul has provided hundreds of videos for the cannabis community, he has had to remove numerous videos owing to a YouTube crackdown on cannabis content in recent years.

Edibles have seen a considerable increase in popularity in recent years, as some users want to avoid the hazards of smoking. If you’re one of those folks, watching how to create infused shortbread or cannabutter rather than reading the instructions online can help you comprehend the process much better.

Jorge Cervantes is a cannabis industry legend if you haven’t heard of him. He’s worked in the cannabis industry his whole career, long before it was legal in many areas. Jorge’s channel consists of many mini-episodes as well as visits to large grow operations and discussions about all elements of growing.

9. Ruffhouse Studios

Check out Cannabis in Canada for quality cannabis material. Jason Wilcox’s channel provides patients with a range of entertaining and educational videos from cannabis business events and other pleasant activities in the northern portion of the continent. That said, this channel provides excellent insight into other elements of the cannabis community that those who are already familiar with weed may find interesting.

This channel has always had a heavy concentration on cannabis reviews, but it contains a little bit of everything for everyone. “We think that everyone should have safe access to top-quality medicines, as well as the information needed to optimize the advantages of cannabis,” their channel declares.