weed growing season south africa

Weed growing season south africa

The best season during which to harvest weed is autumn. In South Africa, this means you’ll want to start harvesting in mid-March or April. You need to consider germination around springtime the previous year so that your plant can reach flowering by the summer.

How to grow dagga

For a more relaxed high (vegging in front of the TV), you’ll want to wait until the trichomes are golden-brown and the pistils are turning inwards before you harvest.

3. Buds

Luckily, growing weed in South Africa is ideal because of the warm climate. Here is a breakdown of the ideal flowering process for your cannabis:

Weed growing season south africa

The Spring Equinox, 22 September, marks when the day and night lengths are officially 12/12. Photoperiodic cannabis plants require more than 12 hours of daylight hours to stay in the vegetative stage.

As far as hobbies go, growing cannabis is highly rewarding and exciting. However, for those growing indoors, cultivating cannabis can become a challenging and expensive investment. Growing cannabis outdoors for your first time or for anyone on a budget, can easily turn into a passion that saves you money.

Photoperiodic – Feminized:

Organic gardeners will opt to mix their own substrates. Organic soils like the Orgasoilux Omega Mix, are high in slow-release amendments. Organic matter requires the soil to be teaming with microorganisms. Without these beneficial microorganisms, organic matter and the nutrients they contain are not available to the plant. The microbes primary function is to break down and convert unusable organic matter into usable nutrients.

Benefits of growing weed outdoors?

Deciding on cannabis genetics can be a challenge. What kind of high are you looking for? Are you looking for a CBD dominant strain? Something with both CBD and THC? Are you looking for something for insomnia or pain relief? Look into exactly why you need personal cannabis, it can be used for hundreds of conditions.