weed growing guide with pictures

Weed growing guide with pictures

redice: "Look what GrowWeedEasy.com taught me!! Great many Thanks to the founders Nebula Haze n Sirius Fourside. sex n strain unknown. Grown from native seedlings. Wk4"

Jonathan Covert GrowOps: "Strains shown .. in purple is Donatello's flower ( heavy PCK ) .. other is purple Widow. Pre98 Bubba kush grown under HPS/LED combo."

Looking for the strains you saw earlier? Get the genetics used in a picture above, or venture out on your own and try something new!

Weed growing guide with pictures

Getting the pH exactly right isn’t nearly as important as checking regularly and making sure it stays within these ranges.

Only feed nutrients at full strength if the plant is showing signs that it needs more nutrients (lower leaves are turning lime green, then yellow, then falling off – the first sign of a nitrogen deficiency, the most common type of deficiency – if the plant is not getting enough nutrients).

LEC (Light Emitting Ceramic) is a brand name for a type of light (CMH – Ceramic Metal Halide) that has existed for quite a while. This type of light has come back into vogue after some rebranding, partly because it has some very positive traits for growing cannabis compared to HPS lighting. For one, LECs have a more natural color that makes it easier to care for and diagnose plant problems. Plus, it’s a lot better for security to have a light that doesn’t scream “WEED GROWING HERE!” like the unearthly yellow hue of an HPS. They produce significant levels of UV light, which can possibly increase trichome production. Additionally, they don’t seem to emit EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interference) as much as their noisy HPS cousins which means you’re less likely to have a HAM radio enthusiast accidentally tracking down your grow. The plants grew surprisingly fast under a 315 LEC and we were impressed by the yields we achieved on our first grow.

Step 5: Get Your Cannabis Plants (& Choose Your Strain)

There are additional cannabis harvest methods that are much more precise – such as using trichomes to know when to harvest your buds.

For the first 2 weeks of curing, open the jars once a day for several seconds to get fresh air in your jars and release any moisture.

Step 7: Vegetative Stage – Grow Your Plant Big and Strong

Growing outdoors is cheaper to get started since you don’t have to get grow lights or create an indoor grow area, though you will have to worry about privacy/stealth, possible pollination, people stealing your plants, bugs, deer and other unexpected outdoor visitors.

Pick up a bag of perlite (found in the garden section) to help the soil drain better unless it already contains perlite. Perlite looks like little white rocks and should be mixed in so you have about 70% soil and 30% perlite. Should you add perlite to your soil?