weed growing discord

Weed growing discord

Our community is currently at about 850 people. We are here to help teach, show off our grows, and even trade genetics if you're into that kind of thing!

We have channels for each stage of growing cannabis, harvests, as well as tools, mediums, etc. We even have a monthly Bud of the Month competition channel, and host regular giveaways! Come check us out, I am not a spam account check my history if you must. I'm always here if you'd like to reach out in the comments or PMs.

Add a fun Weed Farming game Discord Bot to your server. Rank in the global or prive leaderboard and fame as the best.

Your Own Farm

With this bot you everyone can open his own weed farm, add this bot as a fun extra to your Discord server.


I update the bot with extra features once in a while. I don’t have a static update plan and i don’t accept feature request that are time based but if you have ideas, just let me know.

Weed growing discord

Using Violet Gro’s energy-efficient lights, the CropTower offers growers a fully integrated solution that makes great financial sense with no upfront costs and long-term energy savings.

2.23 square meters coverage per 8’/2.44 meter bar)

Position Violet Gro 8′ Bar 24-36″ above the canopy and 3′ apart

Position Violet Gro 8′ bar 12-18″ above the canopy and 2′ apart

Vegetative Stage

Coverage: 16 sq. ft. per 8′ bar

Want a fully integrated, vertical grow system using Violet Gro’s energy-efficient lights? Check out the Hyperponic CropTower, lighted by Violet Gro.

LED lights produce a broad spectrum of light including blue, red, and far red

Seeds & Clones

The Violet Gro Ag Bar was designed to be highly customizable to easily adapt to the needs of your indoor growing facility.

Position Violet Gro 8′ bar 18-24″ above the canopy and 3′ apart