weed grow lights for sale

Weed grow lights for sale

Like I mentioned before, this grow light has terrible coverage. While it can be used for growing a single plant, I would personally use it as supplemental lighting for an area of 2.5 by 2.5 feet. It consumes only 115 watts of power and produces an output of 801 umol/m2/s at 12 inches from the canopy, and only 260 umol/m2/s when its 24 inches from the canopy.

Just like with any HPS or HID grow light, the only thing I don’t like about it is its power consumption. Another thing I don’t like about it is that the warranty only covers the light bulb, and not the fixture.

Proper grow lights are essential because they mimic the spectral light wavelengths your plants need to produce energy for vegetation, growing and producing. Grow lights come in many different forms and emit different wavelengths that are important for different stages of the plant’s development.

As any experienced ganja grower will tell you, you can’t have good bud without proper lighting. If you use low-quality light, you will only rack up your electricity bill and end with a dead plant.

#4 Roleadro Galaxyhydro Series 1000W

HID grow lights are quite affordable. You can find full kits including ballast, bulbs and a reflective hood for just under $200. Even though you can find LED grow lights for half that price, they are perfect for large scale growing.

The Growstar features 120 pieces of LEDs at 5w each, producing 600W of light in total. The manufacturer was nice enough to include 4 IR chips, which are integral for your ganja plant’s proper germination period. For such an inexpensive device, I didn’t expect it covers the full spectrum of light. It produces light in wavelengths ranging from 380 to 780nm, and when you factor in the IR chips, you have an excellent all-in-one device.

I forgot to mention that, in addition to their superb energy efficiency, they also have an amazing life span. An LED grow light will last for years before you’ll have to get a new one. Even if you decide to opt-in for a more expensive model, you will be saving money in the long term because of the low electricity bill.

#2 TaoTronics Full Spectrum Grow Light


You can also select between two light modes, vegetative and blooming mode. The modes are pretty self-explanatory. If your plant is in its early or mature stage, you hit the VEG button. If it’s blooming, hit the BLOOM button and you’re good.

Weed grow lights for sale

And if our data is not convincing enough, take a look at the comments by seasoned growers using our lights.

Our first to market 480 Volt 3 phase Remote Power Systems will reduce our SK602 wattage to just 1 amp per light at 100% power while removing electrical heat away from the canopy and reducing the electrical inversion loss to just one transformer. This brings 97-98% electrical efficiency to your large scale operation giving your plants more light and not wasting watts. In addition the Remote Power System eliminates the need to have outlets and plugs installed saving tens of thousands of dollars to a new electrical infrastructure. Please visit the Spectrum King Remote Power Systems page to learn more or Contact us directly and one of our technicians will explain it further.

The Close-Up!!

Here is a Sativa genetic that was tested under a 1000 watt HPS against our full spectrum LED grow lights. The same environment and nutrients was used with separating walls for light separation.


You always want to make sure the equipment you purchase and place in your grow room is safe and will not be the cause of something catastrophic such as a fire in your greenhouse or grow room. In addition, you want to know that when you invest your money into a value item, that it is being manufactured with standard operating procedures and quality craftsmanship. We are proud to be making our grow lights in the USA, built to the industry’s safety standards with top quality components. Our lights are ETL / UL listed and IP rated with no active cooling components or moving parts, making them robust and reliable.