weed bus grow tour

Weed bus grow tour


Denver’s Best Grow & Dispensary Tour. On Denver’s best-loved grow tour, you’ll get on board the 420 Bus to the Euflora greenhouse — an innovative grow lit with natural sunlight. After witnessing the different stages of plant growth, stop at Euflora 3D, also known as “The Apple Store of Cannabis.” Highly educational, fun, and photo-worthy.


Every Saturday & Sunday


TIME: 11AM-1:30PM

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Will I smell like smoke?

Guaranteed to see plants within 2 weeks of harvest.

$20 Cannabis Voucher to use on tour

Do you have parking?

Each ticket holder receives $20 in free cannabis that can be pre-ordered and delivered straight to class. Rigs, Vapes are available for use. Feel free to bring beer and wine, we have solo cups for you lol

Can we do all three on same day?

– Lounge has a custom air ventilation system, so most likely not

Suit up and walk through a live 220,000 sq foot grow

Join us weekly in Venice with our toe tapping Dab n' Paint Class. Unleash the creative powers of the cannabis plant with this two hour Stoner Paint Class. No Experience Needed! Our talented teachers have you covered! Stoner Paint is for anyone that wants to release their inner Picasso, both young and old.

Winery Tour and Flight Tasting


Weed bus grow tour

3 Hours – 11:30am

Want us to Drive?

A masterpiece to bring home!

No Glass between you and the plants

Wine Tour and Flight Tasting