watermelon seeds

Watermelon seeds

Wondering what these health benefits are and how you can eat the seeds? Read on.

Consumption of seeds can help with skincare and hair care as well. (Source: Pixabay)

They are extremely nutritious, so you can use them in salads. Or you can consume it in powder form.

It is also believed that the seeds can make your bones stronger, because of the presence of copper, manganese and potassium. When these minerals come together, they improve the bone density. The micronutrients can boost your metabolism as well. Also they are rich in amino acids, proteins and vitamin B complex.

Watermelon seeds have long been considered as something to be discarded once the fruit is eaten. People neatly remove them from the main fruit and then consume it. But, not many are aware that watermelon seeds can be edible, too, and no, it will not lead to a plant growing inside your tummy. If anything, it will boost your health.

The seeds are pretty low in their calorie count, and are rich in many micronutrients like copper, potassium, magnesium, iron, folate and zinc, all of which are important for the body. The seeds are also believed to boost your immunity. Owing to the presence of magnesium, they can help you manage hypertension and your blood pressure.

But if you're too busy enjoying the watermelon slices to mess with digging out seeds, that's fine. You will be OK if you do swallow one. "If you've heard a watermelon plant will grow in your stomach if you eat watermelon seeds, don't worry; it's not true," Shames says.

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For example, you can roast the watermelon seeds. Roasted watermelon seeds are packed with nutrients, and they also have healthy fatty acids, like omega-3s. Plus, they contain potassium and magnesium, which help boost hydration and electrolyte balance post-workout.

No, you do not have to remove the black seeds. But you may want to because they don't have much flavor and are harder to chew.

How to Use Watermelon Seeds

Watermelon has two kinds of seeds: black and white seeds. "Black seeds are the seeds found in a regular watermelon, and they can be planted in the ground to sprout a watermelon plant, whereas white seeds are immature seeds, so they can't be used to plant a watermelon plant," says Tammy Lakatos Shames, RDN.

Because watermelon is such a great fruit for all the reasons mentioned above and more, you might be in the habit of grabbing a whole watermelon every week at the supermarket in the summer. But there's one trade off for slicing your own watermelon: you'll probably be contending with seeds. Most pre-cut watermelons you buy from the store will be seedless, but the whole watermelons are likely to have their seeds still. (Of course, you can always buy a seedless watermelon, but they're usually pricier.)

So what do you do about those watermelon seeds? Can you eat them? Read on to find out if the watermelon seeds should be skipped or made into a snack.

Should You Remove the Black Seeds?

You don't have to avoid eating watermelon seeds. In fact, you can use them in a number of different ways to enjoy their nutrition and flavor.

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Read this before you bite into a hunk of juicy watermelon this summer.