vanilla durban poison seeds

Being psychedelic in nature, these Durban Poison buds could very well cause smokers to experience heightened senses of paranoia and anxiety when consumed in excessive doses. The smoking of this strain in an area that is not ideal for relaxing could trigger feelings of panic, which would be a very uncomfortable sensation to have during this long-lasting high. As everything around you will seem clearer, you would get this feeling that the people are talking about you behind your back!

Through the use and smoking of this Durban Poison Feminized strain, people can actually get an energizing and euphoric high that can get quite psychedelic on the head. With your mind seemingly taking a trip to an entirely different dimension, boosts of creativity and pure happiness began overwhelming your whole mood. You can find yourself being very productive due to the amazing improvement that goes through your thought process.

Whether you choose to enhance your way of thinking for work or if you want to start exercising, having a few tokes of Durban Poison is all you will need to get a boost in your energy level! This strain also offers a very clean and refreshing high. Right after the effects wear off, you won’t feel down or sluggish. Instead, your whole body will feel a lot more rejuvenated, ready to tackle anything else left.

Having some feminized characteristics in this strain makes it a lot easier to cultivate compared to regular seeds. You won’t have to worry about having some male plants pollinating all over your gardens as these seeds are guaranteed to give you an all-female growing operation! Durban Poison Feminized plants are naturally very resistant to the development of molds and diseases. They can be grown in both an indoor and outdoor garden. However, these plants do grow into ridiculously tall plants so make sure that you have sufficient spacing in whatever setup you choose to have.

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Negative Effects You Can Expect From Durban Poison Feminized

Medical patients utilizing this strain as well as beginner smokers should use this strain in regulation. Take small hits and gradually observe how your body responds to it after a few minutes. It is known to be quite the creeper so waiting for an ample amount of time for the high to truly set in is your best approach.

With a notably low CBD level, this strain is not the best option for patients who are opposed to getting high in order to reap the medical values off of this Durban Poison. However, if you are down to feel the trippiness that inherently comes with it, then this can be a very useful medical strain to have! The mentally sound high from this versatile strain has proven to work wonders for mood disorders such as high stress levels, anxiety, depression, and bipolar mood swings. It is also known to help people calm down and ease any hyperactive activity going on in a person’s mind. People who have symptoms of ADHD/ADD and other similar conditions can regulate their illnesses with this strain. Without question, this is a strain that can effectively get rid of any worries or troubling thoughts that may be bothering your day-to-day activities. It also helps relieve common pain levels caused by migraines, lower back pains, stiffness, and swelling in the muscles.

These Durban Poison buds are going to give all you smokers a very complex and tantalizing set of flavors that will be exciting with each hit. The cured and broken-up buds will emit strong scents of spiciness and sweet citrus. A very fragrant aroma reminiscent of herbal tea also follows, giving the buds a fresh and crispy smell.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Durban Poison Feminized?

It is a sativa-dominant strain that carries a THC content of around 20.77% in its buds. With these Durban Poison Feminized seeds, you can truly see the beauty of classic sativa plants in its appearance. Growers can end up with heavy and dense buds that are going to just ooze with white trichomes. It is certainly going to be a blissful experience just growing these feminized beauties!

Upon sipping in that smoke and leaving it in your mouth, you will first pick up spicy and lemon-esque tones. Inhaling all that delicious smoke brings a very creamy taste of pines that bless your throat with accents of vanilla and anise. Durban Poison’s buds wrap up the whole flavor with a lingering taste that mixes in everything all at once!

We hope you found this Durban Poison review informative and enjoyable, and that it has positively impacted your decision-making process. Authentic Durban is truly one of the world’s great landraces, but it can be tough for dispensaries to obtain 100% pure heirloom types.

The Durban Poison strain is a great option for those looking to medicate without experiencing any risks. With no negative aspects, the only issue you might have with this weed would be if it makes you feel anxious or paranoid due to its high THC content.

The Durban Poison has a very stimulating and creative effect, leaving users euphoric. It originates from South Africa where it was discovered by an avid marijuana enthusiast in the 1970s during experiments on different strains of weed. This pure Sativa strain is known for its clean yet energetic high with sparkles taking place in your imagination when using this particular cannabis product.

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It has been described as having an initial uplifting cerebral high followed by a relaxing body stone and it should be noted that there can sometimes be panic attacks associated with this marijuana product.

What are its effects and how does it compare to other strains

Compared to other strains, Durban Poison has less of an effect on the body and leaves users feeling mentally stimulated rather than physically sedated. Durban poisons effects are different from other strains because it is a Sativa dominant plant which means that its high comes from the THC chemical in marijuana and not CBD. Durban poison has been known to give an uplifting, energizing effect when compared to other types of cannabis.

Durban poisons are well-known as one of the most potent kinds out there. They have high levels of THC as well as low CBD content which means they provide more psychoactive side effects compared to others. In comparison, this makes them perfect if you want something with minimal physical impact but strong mental stimulation instead!

The Durban Poison Marijuana Strain’s side effects are minor. The strain is a Sativa-dominant variety with about 90% THC, in contrast to the typical 10%-15%.

Side effects of the Durban Poison marijuana strain

Durban Poison is a classic, legendary classic in a nutshell. With only a few other strains retaining their genetic line throughout the ages, it may be called an ancient marijuana strain.

Durban Poison is often under 1% CBD content. This makes it ideal for treating serious medical conditions (although not seizures) because of its high THC content, which will calm the user down and help them with stress, depression, or anxiety. Durban Poison is a high-quality strain of cannabis that has been used to treat everything from depression and anxiety to migraines and epilepsy.