truffle cake seeds

Truffle cake seeds

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If you've smoked, dabbed, or otherwise enjoyed this strain, Truffle Cake, before let us know! Leave a review.

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Truffle cake seeds

Have faith! I push them pretty hard and i haven’t had issue yet. With any Inhouse strain I say training and defoliation is important. If it a tight stacker light doesn’t penetrate causing stress which cause boy parts in lowers and people blame the plant.

Only popped 6, but from those 4 are fruity and 2 are funky smelling like old socks that’s been farted in. Of those #3 is the sweetest smelling one and #4 is the funkiest smelling one. No herms; I only ever had one branch from Inhouse genetics herm and it was a lower on Twisted Helix that wasn’t getting proper light.

Nice I bought some Apple Jacks and flap jacks that’s what I’m running next glad kinda sketched because the herm issuing so posts like these give me faith lol

Dude I’m almost believing these people have absolutely no idea how to grow or bots. All 3 of my Loud Cake just went into flower. People are tweakers.

Right? Lookin good man keep the updates coming

Wait, what? I thought all in house genetics seeds were hermies. lol

I guess the IHG seeds I've been growing for over a year are fake. lol

Most people mad cause their out here crushing the big bud, blue dream, auto light deprivation but can’t get proper exotic to shine the same. Ones a civic, the others a 428i different strokes for different folks.

I have an apple jax curing now that I nearly killed during flower from light stress when I got a new light and it never hermed! My sticky glue did develop some balls from the same light stress and I snipped them off, adjusted the lights and it’s almost done now at day 67 of flower with no more issues. The flowers are amazing and it looks like it has maybe another week in it tops. Two weeks ago I put a clone from this plant into flower in optimal conditions and it has stretched three times it’s size and I haven’t seen any balls. Can’t wait to see what my two new phenos of apple jax do when not getting scorched.