tropsanto #6 seeds

Tropsanto #6 seeds

KnockOut Farms $100 donation per 12 feminized seeds
1. Tangie Dawg (Tangie x Star Dawg)
2. Sunkist OG (Tangiex (KnockOutOG)"SkywalkerOG"))
3. Tapaya (Tangie x Papaya Punch)
4. Tangie Pie (Tangie x Pie Hoe)

Harry Palms $150 donation per 10-12 regular seeds
1. Garlic Drip (GMO x White OG)
2. Vanilla Butter (Wedding Cake x White OG)

Cannarado $120 donation per 10 feminized seeds
1. Confuscious Kush (LA Affy x FloWhite#7)
2. Cherry Fucker (Cherry Drop x FloWhite7)
3. SherbHead (LHB x Sunset Sherbert)

Harry Palms $150 donation per 10-12 feminized seeds
1. Sour Banana Cookies (Banana Dosido x Sour Dubb)
2. Double Cookies n Cream (Cookies n Cream x SourDubb)
3. Sour Garlic Cookies (GMO x Sour Dubb)
4. Gas Tanker (Motor Breath 15 x Sour Dubb)
5. Tropicanna Frosting (Wedding Cake x Tropicanna Cookies)
6. Test Tube Tropicanna (GMO x Tropicanna Cookies)
7. $5 Dollar Milk Shake (Cookies n Cream x White OG)

Oni $80 donation per 10-12 regular seeds
1. Tropsanto (GMO x Tropicanna Cookies)

Skunkhouse Genetics $100 donation per 10 regular seeds
Lemon Lime Orange Apricot Line
1. Fruit Pie (Wedding Pie x L.L.O.A.)
2. Cactus Fruit (Cactus Breathe x L.L.O.A.)
3. Straw-Lemons (Strawberry Fields x L.L.O.A.)
4. Lemon Lime Orange Apricot F2 (L.L.O.A. x L.L.O.A.)
5. Lemon Lime Orange Gold (24k x L.L.O.A.)
6. Lime Hoe (Pie Hoe x L.L.O.A.)
7. Citrus Grapes (Purple Urkle x L.L.O.A.)
8. OG Zest (Respect OG x L.L.O.A.)
9. Citrus Cake (Wedding Cake x L.L.O.A)
10. Lemon Lime Orange Apricot (Kosher Kush/Orange Apricot x Reunion OG(LimeZest Pheno))

Cannarado $120 donation per 10 regular seeds
Frozen Margy Line
1. Skunky Margy (Shoreline x Frozen Margy)
2. Purple Margy (Purple Punch x Frozen Margy)
3. Vegan Margy (Thin Mint Cookies x Frozen Margy)
4. Margy Dog (Chem D x Frozen Margy)
5. Durban Margy (Durban x Frozen Margy)
6. Kosher Margy (Jew Gold x Frozen Margy)
7. Candy Margy (Wedding Pie x Frozen Margy)
8. Lemon BubbleGum Margy (Blanco/Bubblegum chem x Frozen Margy)
9. Lemon Margy (Lemon Jack x Frozen Margy)
10. House Margy (Forum GSC x Frozen Margy)
11. Goji Margy (Pine Soul x Frozen Margy)
12. Roasted Garlic Margy (GMO x Frozen Margy)
13. Blue Curacao (Blue Cookies x Frozen Margy)
14. D.S.L. (Goji Dawg x Frozen Margy)
15. One Night Stand (Wedding Cake x Frozen Margy)

Cannarado $80 donation per 6 feminized seeds
Sundae Driver Line
1. Sour Sundae (Ultra Sour x Sundae Driver)
2. Brown Sugar (Butterscotch x Sundae Driver)
3. Weed Nap (TK91 x Sundae Driver)
4. Cookie Dough Sundae (GSC Forum x Sundae Driver)
5. Jeeves (White x Sundae Driver)
6. Sundae Float (Root Beer Float x Sundae Driver)
7. Double Sundae (Sour Dubble x Sundae Driver)
8. Cherry On Top (Cherry Pie x Sundae Driver)
9. Apple Sundae (Apple Juice x Sundae Driver)
10. Orange Sundae (Orange Cookies x Sundae Driver)
11. Affy Taffy (OG LA Affy x Sundae Driver)
12. TriFi Sundae (TriFi x Sundae)
13. Chocolope Sundae (Chocolope x Sundae Driver)
14. Sundae Struedel (Cherry Struedel x Sundae Driver)
15. Sweet Bread (Birthday x Sundae Driver)
16. Sundae Sunset (Sunset Sherbert x Sundae Driver)
17. Blueberry Sundae (Blueberry x Sundae Driver)
18. Peanut Sundae (Dosido x Sundae Driver)
19. Sundae Sunset (Sunset Sherbert x Sundae Driver)


This product has intoxicating effects and may be habit forming. Marijuana can impair concentration, coordination, and judgment. Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the influence of this drug. There may be health risks associated with consumption of this product For use only by adults twenty-one and older. Keep out of the reach of children.

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The crew at Rocket Cannabis is dedicated to consistently providing consumers with a quality product at a great price. Our strains were all personally selected for flavor, effect, and esthetic appeal. Every strain was grown from seed by our own crew, and only the best phenotype of each strain is used for cloning. This provides a stable and consistent product. We believe due to our combined experience, knowledge, and passion for cannabis you will receive a product that is out of this world.

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