trophy wife seeds

Trophy wife seeds

Hemp farmers love the fact that Trophy Wife is predictable to grow and is robust enough to handle most outdoor climates. Full-term Trophy Wife hemp seeds and starts are a great choice for almost any cultivation climate.

If you are unsure which Trophy Wife option is best for you, we recommend speaking to hemp farm consultants about your harvest window and the environmental conditions of your hemp farm.

Growing Trophy Wife

Difficulty: Easy fo Farm
Resiliency: Vigorous Grower
Compliance: CBD: 9.13% THC: 0.29%
Cycle: Full-Term Finisher

The Trophy Wife Hemp Strain represents some of the best genetics at High Grade Hemp Seed. By combining The Wife with Cherry Wine, our cultivation team created a winning hemp varietal that tops the charts in resin production. Even more, it grows vigorously and is available in both seeds and starts as a full term cultivar.

Trophy Wife In The Field

After you plant Trophy Wife seeds, you can expect them to germinate within 48 hours. Even more, with an incredible germination rate of 95%, Trophy Wife seeds offer a reliable choice for your hemp farm. As seen with all of our strains, you can be sure to have a sea of emerging seedlings in just days. High Grade’s usual high-performing seeds won’t let you down with a feminization rate of just 1 male per 4,000 females.

Trophy wife seeds

Bred by HGH Seeds, Trophy Wife crosses The Wife with Cherry Wine. This CBD heavy strain flowers quickly in 8 weeks, producing a quality yield with resin-coated lime green buds. This strain has a flavor profile with notes of cheese and skunk and undertones of cherry.

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