triple diesel seeds

Sour Diesel was one of the first strains I tried (like legit strains,not some schwag BS) and it has been a Favorite ever since. I'm a huge fan of Indica's and downer cannabis so a Sativa that relaxes you without couch-lock and total tiredness is a win in my book. As such, I love (basically) any Diesel strain and Triple Diesel is no exception. Got it as Cold Cured Live Rosin from Natty Rems and it amazing. Off of a SINGLE DAB I was high for over 2 hours (before I even thought about hitting/dabbing some more cannabis.) Love this strain.

I've said it every time, If the name has Sour or diesel in it it's prolly bad ass. Yup this one is too. As a comparison this one reminds me of Sour cookies, but a more fruity than sweet taste. This one smells good in the jar, breaking it up and smoking. It was a sweet fruity berry flavor on the inhale and them your classic diesel flavor on the exhale. Pure joy to smoke. The Buzz was just as awesome. Very focused and alert. It really made my work morning a delight. Highly recommend for a wake n bake. Yum yum

The growing season for Triple Diesel is about eight weeks, which is relatively standard. It is a relatively simple strain to try for beginners. It can reach a height of around 80 inches. As a result, you’ll need to prune the plant now and then to get the best yield possible.

Mark C. – November 23, 2021

Triple Diesel is a Sativa-leaning strain across three-potent strains: Sour Diesel, NYC Diesel, and Strawberry Diesel. The powerful combination contains an approximate THC level of 14%-23%. It has dense-packed buds that are the spade-shaped structure, Its leaves are dark green, and sticky trichomes coat the nuggets.

What are the Medical Benefits of Triple Diesel Autoflowering?

O. Kaczmarek – October 23, 2021

It may aid those suffering from attention disorders in remaining concentrated on a single mission. Its mood-altering properties can also offer a temporary boost to people suffering from mild to severe stress and depression—physical pain, whether this strain may dull temporary or chronic pains. Anti-inflammatory properties help with chronic aches and pains, including cramps and headaches. Triple Diesel is not advisable for patients susceptible to panic or hysteria because reasonably severe, recursive thought patterns accompany its onset.

How to Grow Triple Diesel Autoflowering Seeds?

The peppery fuel scent is Triple Diesel. We’re not talking about the noxious odor of chemical fuel here. Instead, it has a good fragrance with traces of citrus.

Due to their temperature sensitivity, the Diesel family has a history of being difficult to develop. They appear to grow inappropriately or erratically when they are out of their comfort zone, leading some growers to avoid producing any Diesel strains.