training day seeds

Training day seeds

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Cannabis Seeds

This strain stacks up with THC resin, expect to see some large yielding phenotypes with serious resin production.

Do you ever wonder where these marijuana strains get their name? With a title like Training Day, you better expect to be in the gym with these marijuana seeds. This indica-dominant hybrid might behave more like a sativa to you with limitless cerebral energy and body relaxation. It’s often difficult for users to point out which part of the body feels the most different. It’s like your mind and body have split in half and they’re both going on their own unique adventure. Training Day marijuana seeds uplift the mind to invite in new thoughts, positive thinking, and clear up any signs of cerebral “funk” or even writer’s block.

The effects of Traning Day marijuana seeds target the brain and body differently. The mind feels open to new thoughts, brainstorming, and elevated creativity while the body remains calm, relaxed, and distracted from pain and discomfort. This indica-dominant hybrid also comes with 1% CBD.

Meanwhile, the strong indica side of Training Day makes its way into your muscles to cancel out any pain or discomfort. This is why it’s called Training Day. The effects of this indica-dominant strain make it a good time to hit the gym as your body will be free to move without stress. Even in small doses, Training Day awakens the mind and makes room for creativity and brainstorming. It can also boost focus, concentration, and motivation. Lastly, Training Day comes with 1% CBD, which is higher than most strains on the market.