the toad seeds

• Start indoors 3-4 weeks prior to anticipated transplant date in 4 inch pots
• Work in shovelful of compost and 1/2 cup TSC’s Complete fertilizer into hill
• Transplant carefully as to not disturb roots

Days to maturity are calculated from date of direct seeding.

Direct Sowing
• Plant after frost danger when soil warms to 65°F
• Work in shovelful of compost and 1/2 cup TSC’s Complete fertilizer into hill
• Keep soil evenly moist but not wet as too much moisture causes seed to rot
• Bush varieties: sow 3-4 feet apart
• Vining varieties: sow 4-5 feet apart

Harvest & Storage
• Leave on vine until fully mature, rinds should be firm
• Pumpkins can tolerate a light frost, but must be protected from a hard frost
• Dry gourds: Wash gently in a solution of 10 parts water and 1 part bleach, carefully removing all dirt, then store in a warm, dry location
• Store at 55-70°F and 70% relative humidity

• Pumpkins require uniform irrigation totaling 15-20 inches of water during the growing season
• Bee attractant flowers or beehives will help yields — misshapen or non-developing fruit is often the result of poor pollination

Cucurbita spp. This traditional ornament of the autumn harvest is good for much more than jack-o-lanterns and pies. High in fiber and essential minerals, their colorful orange flesh signifies an abundance of the antioxidant beta-carotene.

Insects & Diseases
• Common insects: Cucumber beetles and squash bugs
• Insect control: Pyrethrin
• Common diseases: Various wilts, leaf spots mildews, and various viral diseases
• Disease prevention: 3-4 year crop rotation, and fungicide applications

“Was looking for something that packed a punch and Truth be Toad, it did. I told several friends about this strain and I will definitely buy it again. Well done Mike Tyson.”

A mostly Indica strain deriving from Chemdawg OG and GSC, these two perfectly complement each other, creating a truly superior cultivar. Enjoy the immediate onset of cerebral euphoria, tapering into full-body relaxation and relief. The powerful sedation of the toad is coupled with an equally intense flavor profile. Bursting with notes of orange, cinnamon, and hops, and layered with a sharp petrol aroma. This heavy-hitter is guaranteed to blast you off into another dimension.

“If you need pain relief, appetite stimulation, sleep, muscle relaxation or mood stabilizer/lifter’s this is great for all. But use caution if you are not at least smoking 4-5 times a week. Not for novice smokers.”

These are just a few reviews from around the web. The consensus seems to be that The Toad strain is a winner as far as strong weed goes. It is unfortunately not in Colorado right now.

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That is what Tyson Farms says, but does The Toad Stain live up to the sales pitch from Tyson Farms? Most reviewers say yes!

A more recent addition to the high-THC strain canon, The Toad is an exclusive of Tyson Ranch, the cannabis brand and product line co-founded by Mike Tyson.

“Great taste heavy head and body high. Amazing smell and it’s thc level is 37%. It’s all I’ve smoked the last 2months.”