terpee slerpee seeds

Terpee slerpee seeds

The high was fairly active and functional for a GMO cross, but there were some notably relaxing qualities in the body high. There was a thought expansive quality to it that might lead to some anxiety in people who need control, but it’s probably for the best. Gotta face your shit eventually, right?

No cleaning supplies or artificial lemon here. I got orange zest and lemon-limeade. A lotta sweet, but not super tart fruit notes. Like, really pleasant.

I’ve been trying to smoke more @eugreen_notill lately. It’s not like I really needed to expand my repertoire in this department, but they’re weed is fucking fire. I grabbed this Terpee Slurpee from @thc.pdx on a whim when I was grabbing some other weed.

Terpee Slurpee Strain Review

Overall a really solid offering if your looking for, say, hiking weed or something to get you through a tough shift. This review isn’t as in depth as I tend to aim for, but it was either this or Terpee Slurpee falls through the cracks, and that would be a travesty. Give @soil_goons a try if you get the chance. With how many people are carrying them these days, you’ll get a chance soon. Next ones I want to try from them are the Kitchen Sink and their Donny Burger. They really know those GMO crosses outta the park.

I honestly haven’t been into the citrusy weed for a while. For the most part, you get the same thing with every batch. Jack terps at best, lemon Pledge, hurting lungs, and cough attacks at worst. That said, this stuff had some really unique qualities to the citrus notes it brought.

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Terpee slerpee seeds

They have used this for the basis of a new line of strains that are designed for the true connoisseur. The end result combines Strawberry flavours with creamy, cookie goodness and the diesel fuel taste from the Grease Monkey.

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Mystic Magic. Mike’s Strawberry Lemonade. Lip Smacker. Berry Bubba. Jungle Fruit. Bad Betty. Rainbow Reserve.If you’ve been paying attention you’ll be well aware of Exotic Genetix and their influence on the USA cannabis seed and breeding scene in the last decade or so. Heralding from Washington Sate, they have been able to take advantage of the legalisation of weed to create some truly outstanding strains that are among the most sought after among cannabis connoisseurs that truly value top shelf bud and a dedication to the art form of modern cannabis breeding.

Exotic Genetix

Exotic Genetix have taken this connoisseur’s strain and crossed it with their Grease Monkey so that we can all enjoy this west coast sensation. Cart 0. All the product descriptions used on this site have come directly from the breeders who operate in a legal climate very different to that within the United Kingdom. Our seeds are sold purely for souvenirs and should be treated as a novelty or collector’s item and should never be germinated.

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Exotic Genetix Slapz Feminised Seeds

Exotic strains for the exotic grower.

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