tangerine man seeds

Tangerine Dream is a medium-sized plant that grows to about one meter tall, growing well in all environments. It has good side-branch development and produces large, fat colas flecked with red and orange. The flowering time is around 65 days, and it is highly recommended to support the branches in the final two or three weeks at least as there is a risk of snapping otherwise. Outdoor growers in northern latitudes can expect to harvest their crops by the end of October.

Tangerine Dream is aptly named as this indica-dominant cannabis strain has a deliciously enticing aroma and taste of tangerines. It is a cross of G13 x Afghan x Neville’s A5 Haze. Growers can expect high yields of beautiful, potent colas.

At 23% THC and 1.8%, CBD Tangerine Dream has an effect that is both highly cerebral as well as very physically relaxing, and it hits fast and true. It was awarded 1st. Prize Cannabis Cup HTCC 2010.

How Tangerine Dream Grows

Tangerine Dream Taste, Smell, and Effect

Enjoying Tangerine Dream to the fullest is all about finding the perfect balance — your sweet spot on the marijuana chart. Too much of Tangerine Dream may leave you locked on the couch for hours, but that’s not what it’s intended purposes are. Just the right amount of Tangerine Dream marijuana seeds will leave you feeling energized and pain-free. This strain is highly popular amongst consumers who live with recurring pain and experience it on a daily basis.

Tangerine Dream is special in its ability to take away pain while boosting brain function.

What makes Tangerine Dream so special is its fast and powerful ability to take away pain while still leaving you feeling fresh and awake. Normally, painkillers in the marijuana and medical industry make you feel drowsy and loops — but not this stuff! Your pain will gradually subside as your brain keeps going at its normal rate, if not a little faster. Tangerine Dream can slightly boost creativity, productivity, and focus so you can get the job done without feeling distracted by pain. No one can get work done with a headache!


When planted, Tangerine Dream marijuana seeds smell more citrusy than they do of tangerines and oranges. The flowers typically take 8 to 10 weeks. This strain was specifically designed for working medical patients who needed a clear focus and a distraction to their pain. No matter how severe your pain may be, Tangerine Dream just might be the fix you’ve been looking for!