tangerade seeds

Tangerade seeds

Another boom came when Frank Sinatra, the legendary singer and the Rat Pack were caught drinking Tanqueray Martinis in a social club in San Fransisco. Who could say no to such free advertising and Tanqueray benefited from the celebrity endorsement, it didn’t spend a single penny on.

After the untimely death of his brother Edvard, Charles Tanqueray took up the business, creating a classic out of the new drink. When he finally retired, the company went into the hands of his son Charles Waugh who understood that any expansion was possible only if he could merge his company with Alexander Gordon & Co, another famous gin producer of the time.

If you have seen a bottle of Tanqueray, the first thing that might have caught your eye is the colour and shape of its bottle. The iconic green coloured bottle was inspired by the shape of a cocktail shaker, a clever move to attract American customers. The icon of pineapple fruit on the bottle was the symbol of hospitality back in the 1830s.

During the Prohibition, the company spent US$1,000 to aid the anti-dry movement but soon it realized that if used wisely, the situation would come as a shot in the arm for their gin. People were still crazy about good-quality drinks which they stealthily procured, and Tanqueray was their prime choice. It is claimed the White House celebrated the repeal of the Prohibition after 13 years with a Tanqueray and tonic.

Representational image of a bartender pouring gin. (Image: Jack Oughton via Wikimedia Commons 3.0)

Always a bit too scientific to follow the path of religion, young Charles along with his brother went to the Curries distillery to learn the craft of distilling. It was the first half of the 19th century when gin hadn’t yet garnered the notoriety it later got during the period of the London Gin Craze. The brothers tried to learn everything related to the respected art of distilling gin, sometimes tinkering with the proportion of juniper berries, sometimes changing the very place from where the berries were sourced to see what would click. They were hell-bent on making the perfect gin.

Charles was one of the first to create what would soon be known as ‘London dry gin.’

It was an intelligent move as more and more gin producers were mushrooming all over the country. While Gordon’s became the favourite drink of Britain, Tanqueray was deployed to conquer the United States.

The Tanqueray 10 supreme premium gin has eight botanicals, compared with four earlier. It was also the first gin to use fresh citrus.

What could a family of clergymen in England do in the world of gin!

In 1830, the brothers set up the Bloomsbury distillery in the heart of London. Their new gin was so simple and straight that it had only four botanicals – juniper, liquorice, angelica root, and coriander seeds. But what magic it made!

Once you have crafted your cocktail, tie on the elegant Tanqueray blindfold to embark on a sophisticated journey to awaken your senses and appreciate the depth of flavour and craft that goes into every expression of Tanqueray, whilst enjoying your perfect serve, in a moment that’s #UnmistakablyTanqueray.

The Tanqueray Table Wreath is centered around a bottle of Tanqueray London Dry Gin and comes with a beautiful booklet offering a series of delectable cocktail recipes featuring both the classic Tanqueray London Dry Gin, as well as the delicious Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla made with orange essences. The table wreath features botanicals used in the crafting of Tanqueray as well as garnishes which can be picked and added to chosen cocktails to drink with friends and family as you get into the Christmas spirit.

First crafted in 1830, Tanqueray came before traditions such as cards, and crackers and has endured as a true hallmark for quality to this day renowned for its elegant taste crafted from four perfectly balanced botanicals.

This Christmas, we have joined forces with Tanqueray, the timeless premium gin, to create The Tanqueray Table Wreath. Designed to bring people together for the ultimate luxury drinks experience and to create a stunning centrepiece, this beautiful wreath is embellished with garnishes and botanicals inspired by Tanqueray Gin. Not only does this table-wreath look great but it can be used to create amazing Tanqueray cocktails too.

Have an Unmistakably Tanqueray Christmas with this gorgeous botanically-inspired table wreath.

For a moment of festive indulgence at home simply select your favourite cocktail from the booklet. To make the classic Tanqueray and tonic, top Tanqueray London Dry with crisp tonic water for a cocktail with a distinctive, robust juniper taste. To complete, pick some slices of lime from the table wreath to garnish and compliment your drink.

As this item includes a gifted bottle of Tanqueray London Dry, buyers must be 18+ and proof of age may be required on delivery.