t5 weed grow

T5 weed grow

Due to their chemical makeup, they’re able to run at much lower temperatures than HIDs. That means they don’t give off as much heat as HIDs and don’t take nearly as much energy to run.

Still, with a small bit of plant training and the right light, you’ll be able to churn out high quality, heat-free harvests all year using T5 grow lights.

This is a product image of the Yield Lab Dual-Bulb T5 grow light.Single and Dual-Bulb T5 Grow Lights

4.5ft. x 2ft light coverage .

From there, take the area of the canopy you want to light and multiply it by the lumens needed . The number you end up with will tell you how many lumens of light you need .

This graphic shows data between T5 grow lights and LED grow lights for comparison purposes.

24w are around 2ft x 6in and can give you

T5 weed grow

Different durations of light and darkness will affect how plants grow, whether they bloom or not, and other elements. – StephenVanHove / Shutterstock

Fixtures: When it comes to choosing a grow light fixture, there are a couple of things to think about. First is the size requirements for this grow light. There are more than a dozen size variations, so you need to figure out the size of your indoor garden and then fit the lights to your space. T5 grow lights typically come in two different lengths and around six different bulb configurations.

T5 fluorescent grow light fixture. – B Brown / Shutterstock

To use T5 grow lights properly, there are a couple of things you need to know that will determine how successful you will be at growing under these lights. The first thing is how to choose the right T5 fixture and the right bulbs.

Light Cycles

These lights are mainly used as additional or full-on artificial lighting for plants to re-create the natural light spectrum. They can be used in many different environments and conditions, from greenhouses to indoor gardens. Here are some tips on how to use them to your full advantage.

Many indoor growers are already familiar with the virtues of T5s, but even if you know your T5 fixtures and more or less know how they work, you might need help with some things, because specifics like color temperature, hanging height and light cycles might not be as easy to figure out.

First things first, for those of you who do not know the basics, a T5 grow light is a tube-shaped fluorescent light that is 5/8-inch in diameter. In terms of the light’s name, the “T” is for tube shape, and the “5” is for the 5 in the 5/8-in. unit of measurement.

Choosing the Right T5 Grow Lights

Bulbs: When it comes to choosing bulbs, there are even more options to choose from. Bulbs not only come in different energy varieties, but also in different color temperatures. When choosing between normal output (NO), high output (HO) and very high output (VHO) bulbs, I recommend going for the middle ones. HO bulbs are the best of both worlds—they are efficient, yet long-lasting, and will provide super-bright light for your plants.

Now that you have selected the right fixture and bulbs, it is time to set up your grow lights. The first thing you need to think about when setting up T5 grow lights is the height, or how high above plant canopies you are mounting your fixtures. Although T5 lights are famous for emitting very little heat, this doesn’t mean you can put the bulbs an inch above plant canopies, as this distance will still damage the plants.