supplies needed to grow weed indoors

Supplies needed to grow weed indoors

For exhaust fans, you want to avoid booster fans. They never work well. Instead get an inline fan.

For pots, I highly recommend these fabric pots from Vivosun. They work great, are inexpensive and come in every possible size. I’d get some 2 and 5 gallon ones for your first grow. If you are starting from seeds, you cold get 1-gallon bags too, though I would just use a plastic cup for the seedlings.

Here is a brief checklist of the items you must have and the ones you could do without, but should consider getting, since they will make things much easier. The links take you below to the appropriate section in this article.

You can test pH using strips or a digital meter. When measuring pH, measure the water runoff. That gives you the best indication of the actual pH level at the roots.

Odor Control (Optional)

There’s really not much difference between the brands, to be honest. They’re all made in the same couple of factories anyway.

And this means giving your plants the perfect conditions.

The equipment you need in order to maintain the proper temperature and humidity depends on the climate where you live, your grow space and your lighting system.

Soil and Pot Recommendations

It is simple to grow and it grows fast. Like a weed.

You may be thinking about using bag seed. As long as you are aware of the possible problems with that, it may be the right option for you. Read about using bag seed to grow weed. That article covers both the problems you may face and how to maximize your chance of success.

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Supplies needed to grow weed indoors

LEC lighting:

When growing cannabis indoors, you absolutely have to use some sort of lighting system potent enough for your plants to believe that they’re outdoors, allowing them to grow and flower perfectly.

3- Indoor extraction system

Most thermos-hygrometers also keep a record of the highest and lowest of both readings, so you’ll know if something is wrong when it comes to your plants’ night cycle. This makes it much easier to know exactly what it is that your plants need in as far as their environment.

600/1.28 = 468 m3/h is the extraction speed that you need due heat difference indoors and outdoors.

1- Grow tents / Reflective sheeting

This calculation is done by taking into account the temperature outside your grow room and your lamp strength. In this example, the temperature is 20° and the lighting system is 600w:

Supplies needed to grow weed indoors

Because it’s easier to control the whole growing process, especially the amount and pace of nutrients, oxygen, and CO2 your plants receive…

1. Marijuana Seeds

You’ll receive some benefits over soil:

Growing Indoors: 10 Essential Marijuana Growing Supplies

Still, it can be helpful to add small amounts of organic nutrients to your plants once they get into their flowering stage.