sunset magic seeds

For more information, see Planting and Seeds. Quantities displayed for Products grown from this seed are the maximum possible (as reported by the “Planting Sheet” Android app and/or the PlantCare addon), not amount promised. Product names in bold-italic indicate bonus products only possible if your skill is at least 5 levels above that of the seed.

At Planting skill level 85, you will earn 31.16% XP towards your next skill level per healthy harvest.

Chard is an excellent vegetable for beginners because it grows in almost any soil and is extremely easy to care for. The leaves can be harvested regularly and you can really have a rich harvest during a garden season if you only cut the outer leaves. The vegetables are very rich in vitamins and can be used in many ways in the kitchen. Chard leaves can be used raw as a salad or briefly blanched as leafy vegetables.

which is also often planted as an eye-catcher in the flower bed.

Beta vulgaris ssp. vulgaris Seed, Content: Approx. 100 mangold seeds