sundae float seeds

Sundae float seeds

This encounter results in an Indica dominant, bushy-growing, compact and robust plant with strong branches. This variety is very resistant to insect pests and fungi.

Sundae Float by Cannarado Genetics: Root Beer Float x Sundae Driver

It is a super resin producer plant, resulting perfect for performing high aromatic concentrates to be consumed in your concentrates vaporiser or favourite eNail.

It develops short internodes and it is vigorous, which makes it well adapted both indoors and outdoors. By applying pruning and moulding techniques like SCROG or LST its performance can be maximised.

Sundae Float by Cannarado Genetics, super resinous and relaxing

It produces compact and highly resinous buds, offering a really particular terpenes profile reminiscent of sarsaparilla with creamy ripe fruit nuances.

Sundae float seeds

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