storing weed seeds

Storing weed seeds


Fundamentals of Marijuana Seed Storage

Some cannabis strains (and some specific batches of those strains) naturally produce seeds that are hardier and longer-lasting than others. This plays a role in how long you can expect your seeds to remain viable, so be sure to do some research beforehand.

Storage Methods for Cannabis Seeds

Be sure to separate the pack from the seeds with a couple cotton balls or a paper towel. This will help absorb excess moisture at the start as well. If you have a method to vacuum seal the jar even better. Wrap the jar in something opaque and you’re all set. Seeds stored at a stable room temperature can last for over a year. Refrigerated they can last a couple years.

Storing weed seeds

This means they begin using up their stored nutrients, which reduces their germination power. When you then try to germinate them later, they may not have sufficient nutrients left and the chances of success are much lower.

Cool Temperature

That is why it is best if you have a refrigerator specifically dedicated to the storage of seeds. Or at least a second fridge that rarely gets opened.

Cool Basement

If you plan on storing a lot of seeds, it might be worth investing in a vacuum sealer. Then you can vacuum seal them inside a small container and place that inside a larger one like a glass jar.