spirit weed seed rs3

Spirit weed seed rs3

Reduce the bean price of the variant of instant growth potion that works on herbs (I forgot the name).

I like the direction of dropping herb seeds instead of herbs themselves (and more drop tables should be this way), but without a better way of using up these seeds, it just creates more problems for the seeds themselves.

Allow us to combine something like 10 herb seeds into a "super herb seed" that grows a giant herb that never gets diseased, and gives a huge herb harvest.

Be able to plant multiple herb seeds at once, to be able to harvest that many herbs per seed planted per patch.

A boss shitting out seed drops like these is a quick way of turning them worthless because they come into the game far faster than one can possibly use them.

Some suggestions I have to make herb farming more lucrative and that more seeds get used up:

Turn the herb patch harvest into some kind of package item that can be extracted for herbs, similar to primal extract.

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