south indian sativa seeds

South indian sativa seeds

People often recommend South Indian for treating pain-related conditions, as well as depression.

The South Indian cannabis strain has an average THC content of just 15%. The slightly lower than expected THC content makes South Indian ideal for those who have a low THC tolerance or who do not smoke on a regular basis.

South Indian is the perfect afternoon strain, providing you with a wave of energy that helps you to stay focused and upbeat, able to end the day on a high. South Indian can also be used to treat a range of medical conditions; in particular, acting as an effective form of pain management.

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The most common, but also the least concerning, side effect that occurs is dry mouth. An extremely common side effect, dry mouth can cause the inside of your mouth to feel irritated and dry for a few hours after smoking.

You can easily purchase South Indian strain seeds online from several breeders. Being a popular strain among novice growers, South Indian seeds are easier to find than many other strains.

As you exhale, the more pungent cheesy diesel flavors shine through, covering the sweet twist. The pungent blend of flavors lingers on your tongue for some time after smoking, giving you a chance to process the cheesy, diesel mixture that somehow manages to be enjoyable.

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South Indian’s THC content is surprising given the speed and intensity at which the strain’s effects take hold, often causing people to believe it has a much higher THC content.

The effects of South Indian take hold quickly, almost as though a wave of euphoria is washing over you and clearing your mind. The instantly noticeable results make it easy to control the intensity; you can ensure you don’t accidentally smoke more than you need.

South indian sativa seeds

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