sour chunk seeds

Sour chunk seeds

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Sour Chunk is a hybrid strain that combines the potency of a Deep Chunk indica with the pungent skunky aroma of East Coast Sour Diesel.

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Sour chunk seeds

Keeping heirlooms in their pure form over the coming decades is a wise choice that is sure to benefit both people and plant.

Deep Chunk is known for its early maturation, thick stems, short internodes, and excellent resin production. It’s a classic Indica that produces copious leaves and broad leaflets. Buds are dense and yield earthy, herbal aromas, including hashy pine, citrus, coffee, and chocolate. A weakness is its susceptibility to botrytis. A strength is its knock-down potency.

This is a Spanish continuation of the original Tom Hill Deep Chunk, a renowned true-breeding Indica-type strain with roots in the Afghan Hindu Kush. The original landrace from which Deep Chunk was inbred is said to have been introduced to Northern California in the late 1970s. Crucially, it’s believed to have never been outcrossed.

True-breeding for many traits, this is an archetypal Indica strain that’s earned a reputation as an excellent breeding plant. In an era when Cannabis genepools are becoming ever-increasingly homogenized through hybridization, pure inbred lines such as this should be in the collection of every serious grower and breeder.

NOTE: Initial testing of this batch of seeds has shown +90% viability. Incidentally, plants from which this batch was produced showed strong uniformity across the population.