sonny g seeds

Sonny g seeds

If its worth anything, their G6 (a.k.a Jet Fuel) is a hybrid and has been consistently good quality. Hope you have a good one

Not to be that guy but the only time I've gotten verano it was g6 and it had seeds lol only like 3 but still lol

I'll Piggyback on this post and ask any Verano peeps if there's been mildewy flower coming from them lately? I saw some recent reviews that all claimed they are going through grow issues.

Sonny g seeds

  • G6 Jet Fuel is generally a 70/30% Sativa /Indica
  • Tangie is generally a 70/30% Sativa /Indica
  • Tangie =California Orange x Skunk
    G6 Jet Fuel=Aspen OG x High Country Diesel

Sonny G by Verano


Good For Bowls and Rolls:

A very pungent focused Sativa Dominant Hybrid with a gorgeous exotic look, intense orange-citrus aroma, and very energetic and uplifting psychoactive Sativa effects and relaxing, soothing, and stoney Indica physical effects.
Sonny G’s Tangie genetics bring an immediate cerebral stimulation and some excited euphoria.