soaking cannabis seeds in water

Soaking cannabis seeds in water

When buying seeds, opt for mature options with a dark brown appearance and a firm feel. Once you have them in your possession, make plenty of space for them to grow and thrive. Learning how to germinate weed seeds correctly is crucial to enjoying years of healthy plants and fruitful harvests. In this guide, we outline the ideal germination conditions and show you five different methods.

Ultimate Guide to Cannabis Seed Germination

In theory, germinating cannabis seeds is a simple affair. They only need three things: Air, water, and heat. The famed ‘paper towel’ method is incredibly easy as long as you follow the steps outlined below. Here is a quick overview of the best germination practices before we show you the various methods.


You can also use Rockwool cubes as they are cheap and easy to find. However, they are a terrible burden on the environment and bad for your health. Rockwool also has a high pH (which means you must rinse the cubes first) and offers a low cloning and germination success rate.

Soaking cannabis seeds in water

And if you’re wondering what a ‘weak’ bleach solution is:

You need to create a moist enough environment for your seeds to sprout and grow, and by doing this you ensure your the inside of your soil is moist enough for at least a few days.


Pictured GuidePre-Soak and Plant Method

Well, any method which follows the 4 cardinal rules of seed germination will do…


There is a small possibility, that your marijuana seeds came with bacteria and/or fungus on them.

Soaking cannabis seeds in water

Can’t really point you to any good writing about it though.

I’ve also heard of people gently pinching seeds, until a pop, that aren’t germinating.


ya my 125 watt set up isn’t worth any thing. I’m going for a $200 400 watt HPS/MH system that comes with every thing. I don’t really mind spending 200 dollars on some thing like this. I’m still having trouble with the germination, Im currently using distilled/filtered (drinking water) for every thing because it seems as if the the tap water is just not doing it. I’ve got another 15-20 seeds germinating, and it looks like only one is sprouting thus far. Hopefully I can get 4 plants total with the 400 watt system get a few ounces out of it. I hope


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