snow diesel seeds

Snow diesel seeds

Known for its freakish ability to yield in indoor gardens, results of 2 lbs. per 1000W are being reported with many of the mother selections within this hybrid. Using the Snow Lotus male lends structure and uniformity to what would otherwise be a rather long, unruly plant…thus making its heights manageable to work well in any sized garden. Watch for a variation of panoptic diesel aromas…from a sweet candy diesel, all the way to a funk-ranky diesel with subtle shifts in between. Snow Diesel reflects these unique terpene shifts most notably in soil organics, but the hybrid shows its vibrancy, potency and spirited growth in all growing mediums.

Plant Structure: Uniform branchy, vigorous vegetative growth, long stretch
Flowers: Strong smelling, extreme resin production, large yielding structured buds

Genetics: East Coast Sour Diesel Clone x Snow Lotus (bodhiseeds)
Outdoor Harvest: Mid October (Central Coast California)
Characteristics: Uniform branch growth, vigorous vegetative growth, high resin production, many different terpene combinations, all of them strong and unique, large yielding
THC: 19-23% In Phenos tested by the HOF
Product Weight: Lbs 2+ lbs per meter square are common with phenos of this hybrid
Area: Indoor Outdoor Indoor/Outdoor Greenhouse ( Has been tested and come out incredible in all environments except greenhouse)
Type: 55% Indica / 45% Sativa
Flowering Period: 9-11 weeks indoor, mid October (outdoor, CA)

Snow Diesel weed strain UK, bred by House of Funk Genetics, is a hybrid that was developed by crossing an East Coast Sour Diesel clone with a Snow Lotus male. Known for its extreme yields even under the constraints of indoor cultivation, Snow Diesel produces a range of diesel aromas that shift from sweet candied flavors to a dank musky funk. This balanced hybrid conjures a full range of effects that lift your mood, spark happiness, and incite creativity. While it prefers an organic soil mix, the Snow Diesel genetics are stable enough to thrive under any growing conditions.