small cannabis grow tent

Small cannabis grow tent

When used as a flowering station, you can use a plethora of techniques to increase your overall yield. Smaller spaces require you to become creative, and this creativity can be found in methods such as the Sea of Green (SOG) or the Screen of Green (ScrOG) technique.

Sometimes you don’t need a 10’x10’ grow space. It’s possible to make more with less, and small grow tents are perfect examples of this.

Maintaining a Mother

It’s only after that they’ve broken the surface that they need a small amount of light. Small tents are perfect to create the best environment possible for seedlings.

In general, a small to medium carbon filter will efficiently complete the job of cleaning the air before it’s ejected into the outer environment.

Odor Management

Let’s take a look at why you’d use a small grow tent, and what they have to offer.

Small cannabis grow tent

Why continue to burn cash at the dispensary when you can easily grow your own supply at home, indoors, with minimal work?

Why Use a Grow Tent?

Hunting down the perfect grow tent can be overwhelming if you’re new to growing. There’s a multitude of different tents available online and in stores; it can be rather difficult to differentiate between the ones that are worth their stuff, and the ones that aren’t.

Best Small Grow Tents of 2021

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