should i grow my own weed

Should i grow my own weed

This grower made a secret grow room entrance out of a bookcase

Yes, you should grow weed if you…

You found seeds, are they good to grow? Viable cannabis seeds appear either tan or brown with dark tiger stripes. The dark tiger stripes are a good sign because they indicate the seeds are fully mature and haven’t been handled a lot.

4.) No big trips in next four months

After you’ve gained some experience with your growing setup, you won’t need to pay such close attention, but especially during your first grow, your plants are most likely to thrive if you can check on them every day.

Would you like to grow your own cannabis? One of the most common questions we get from new growers is whether they should or shouldn’t start growing. The truth is that the process of growing marijuana has pluses and minuses and the answer is different for everyone. For some people, growing is a productive and enjoyable hobby that provides an unlimited supply of cheap, high-quality weed. For others, growing may be too time-consuming or involved. Plus, if you only enjoy weed occasionally, the process of growing may produce more buds than you could use.

1.) Want to pay $20/ounce for weed

Weed is beautiful but smelly

*after you buy genetics one time, you can take clones or make seeds for essentially free plants thereafter

Should i grow my own weed

But home growing has its pleasures. Like tomatoes or carrots, growing one’s own cannabis is cheaper than buying it, and a chance to learn something.

“It’s not rocket science,” she said, but it does involve some knowhow.

How to grow your own weed

Conversations about variation in soil substitutes, light spectra and humidity are frequent and achieve Warholian feats of boredom. They’re also potentially very important. As a high-value crop, cannabis may attract investment into lighting, water management and other agricultural technologies that might go ignored when the crop is $2 heads of lettuce. These new technologies are environmentally friendly and potentially earth-shattering politically, since they could transfer agriculture to cities.

That’s probably a few years off though.

For the home grower, this matters much less, and Graf says it helps someone develop their appreciation for the plant. Amid rising interest in home grows, companies have developed home grow pods controlled by smartphone apps and other more modest growing kits and accessories. With strong weed no longer hard to find, home growing is a chance for connoisseurs to grow for CBD, a chemical commonly associated with the plant’s medicinal properties, or for a plant’s terpene profile (bouquet).