sherblato seeds

Sherblato is produced by crossing Sunset Sherbet and Gelato. She is an indica dominant strain with intoxicatingly potent effects. A vast array of aromas comes from this strain, skunky citrus, sweet berry, and even a candy-like smell can come through thanks to its cookie heritage. Sherblato has been known to ease stress, ease tension and help with depression and bad moods via a physical relaxation that comes hand in hand with this strain. In some cases, this strain can help with pain relief but there are better options out there for severe pain.

Sherblato seeds

Sherblato has highly potent effects owing to it’s Indica dominant genotype. The aromas that come from this strain are out of this world; skunky, citric, sweet berry and even some notes of candy burn through your pallette with ease, the Cookie family aromas are strong with this one.

Sunset Sherbert and Gelato were bonded together in a romantic love story, the resulting love child? Sherblato.

Medicinal uses are in abundance with Sherblato by Flavour Chasers, easing stress, tension, elevating moods, easing pain and physical relaxation are amongst it’s most obvious ailments, there are of course more effective strains out there for severe pain but Sherblato is a perfect mixture for medical patients who love to enjoy this plant to it’s full capacity.