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Make sure you have enough space when you want to cultivate the cannabis seeds of the Santa Sativa in an indoor environment: this weed plant gets pretty big. The fact that a large number of buds, filled with resin, appears on the plant only increases the festive joy. When you are living in a Mediterranean climate, you can also sow these cannabis seeds outdoors. In both cases a bit of extra nutrition is a smart move to make in order to obtain an optimal harvest.

The Santa Sativa has a great family tree which fact nobody can deny. The properties of a Skunk x Northern Lights and a Haze #1 have been used during the crossing, so you may have high expectations of this weed.

Santa Sativa, a name with an almost sacred meaning; that promises a lot for the fan of premium sativa. Those promises (much to the happiness of the home grower) are more than fulfilled by these feminised cannabis seeds of Dinafem Seeds. The breeders have again reached deeply into the gene bank and the outcome is amazing. The Santa Sativa has a great family tree which fact nobody can deny. The properties of a Skunk x Northern Lights and a Haze #1 have been used during the crossing, so you may have high expectations of this weed, both in terms of taste and effect. Besides that, these cannabis seeds are also very easy to grow so that should also not be a reason to stop you from buying these weed seeds.

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Santa Sativa cannabis seeds

The person who wants to smoke the Santa Sativa must have some patience, the period in which the plant flowers is relatively long for this species. However, once the time to harvest has arrived, the waiting will be more than rewarded. During the smoke you experience a long-lasting euphoric effect on your mind which makes you capable of providing answers to the big questions of life. The pines, lemon and incense reflected in the odour and the taste make the smoking experience even more intense.

Data sheet of the seed Santa Sativa

Santa sativa seeds

Limited growth for free room space – it grows fast and, after flowering, it can double or triple (3-week growth would be a maximum proper option); abundant slow (70-80 days) flowering – 500g/sq m.

Its name indicates it’s one of the main sativa strains – one of the main sativa genetics in Dinafem Seeds catalogue; it comes from Haze#1 and a Skunk-Northern Lights hybrid – productive quality plant with an amazing Haze flavor.

Ideal strain for beginner growers getting into cannabis growing – wide space for total development, and abundant water and food (fertilizer); its nutritional needs are typically sativa, very similar to Moby Dick, but its production is connected to the emerging amount of assimilated nutrients – top abundant crop.

Vigorous growth, with tall, robust strains easy to grow – sativa fast growth and tall genetics with indica robust genetics (marvelous); when flowering, it gets coated by huge buds – its robust branches hold them without any problems and any help.


This excellent sativa performs properly everywhere – better production under abundant Californian/Mediterranean sun; these areas are ideal because of their hot long summers – enough time for maximum flowering, maturing the buds and producing as much resin as possible: up to 4/5m plants with good fertilizing – ready to be cropped by early November (1,300 quality grams).

Vegetative behavior

Santa sativa seeds

You want to buy Santa Sativa seeds? Get yourself informed about the effects of the Santa Sativa strain. Santa Sativa is known for the following effects:

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Santa Sativa is a dominant sativa strain and has a level of 18% THC. The CBD level of this strain is low. Santa Sativa is related to Haze and Northern Lights with an average of 70% sativa and 30% sativa. Santa Sativa will grow into a beautiful cannabis plant with a fine return in harvest. It is not hard to grow these Santa Sativa seeds, you keep an eye on this plant will it grows, the flowering period is pretty average.