russian roulette seeds

Russian roulette seeds

Pimientos de Padrón are originally from the Galicia region in Northwest Spain. They are very popular in Spanish tapas bars and have quickly gained popularity in the US as well. And it’s easy to see why! Not only are they deliciously sweet, nutty and ever so slightly bitter, but every now and then you’ll get a really hot one in the bunch, earning them the nickname of “Russian Roulette” peppers.

Cocktail Pairing: Dark rum mojito with Pimientos de Padrón

Serving them to friends is unbelievably fun! I’ll bring a bowl of these warm peppers and announce: “let’s play Russian Roulette” (that always catches everyone’s attention!). The discussion becomes extremely lively as soon as one person bites into a hot one… Then everyone approaches the scrumptious peppers a bit more gingerly. But no matter what, there’s never a single one left. They are simply addictive.

I like to serve the Pimientos de Padrón with this dark rum mojito with basil… And then, I wish Sunday afternoons would never end. Of course, a Cava (Spain’s quaffable sparkling wine) is delicious here too!

Russian roulette seeds

That’s it. Cover it, throw it in the fridge, let it rest overnight (if you’re in a pinch for time let it rest at least 1 hour).

For reference I took a closeup of three poppy seeds. On the far left is no grinding, middle is once ground, right is twice ground. You can see the unground seed is very birdseed like. It doesn’t stick together well. The once ground is looking better but not quite what we want. The twice ground seed has the consistency we want where if you squeeze it, it will cling together.

Ingredients – Filling

Take 2 cups of poppy seeds. (roughly 3 cups in a pound)

You’ll have em like

Making the Dough

Transfer it ever so carefully to a pan that has alittle spray oil on it.

Final Box Score:
And here we are, with the final box score for Russian Roulette.

Growing Environment:
My grow room consists of a converted half-bath where I have a 4-station DWC hydroponics system that includes an active reservoir using hydrostatic pressurized return drains (leakproof!), a 300 cfm. centrifugal fan into a CAN33 extractor and a 400 watt, electronically-ballasted kool tube (vertical configuration) with a Ushio conversion lamp. Ambient air temperature ranged from 65F to 75F with the average temperature being a constant 73F in the room. Seeds were popped in paper towel sandwiches using pH neutral water, placed in 1" rockwool cubes and placed in the system. Plants were then grown for 46 days (from date of seed popping) in veg with lighting set at 24/0. This gave us uniform plants that were around 12" to 14" high when they were flipped over to 12/12. Flowering went on for 75 days and this strain can be harvested from anywhere around 65 days onward. I harvested when the trichomes were overwhelmingly dark in order to get more of the good stuff and the potential for all pain management properties I could get out of this remarkable strain. Lucas Formula General Hydro nutes were used with SM-90 for root care and CalMag+ for the incipient case of calcium and magnesium deficiencies that plague my particular growing set-up.

Needless to say, I was super impressed. I had good things happen with the last grow and this one seemed to be headed for superstar potential and I was quite excited. After all, how many of us have been searching for the migraine silver bullet for years without luck?

Plant stretch in flower is a full 2.5x stretch and the plants – remember they were all feminized seed – were all uniform phenotypes that form classic Christmas tree Sativa rope buds up the main stem and the secondary stalks. This plant is made to go into a SOG/SCROG configuration because all branches seem to try to streamline and compete against the center stalk cola. This strain likes high levels of light and I would not be afraid to try 35,000 lux at the canopy top to optimize output, while mine was barely 20,000 lux. This plant also responds well to FIMMING. Once you do a FIM cut this strain responds by giving you what you want – a 4-way branch and these 4-way branches are perfect for SCROG grows because the center cola can be topped and then all the grow energy goes into these branches. This will result in fantastic foxtail colas.

Russian Roulette – Romulan x AK47 x White Rhino

Background Legend:
These seeds came to me from a dope fiend and fellow medical patient back from the good ol’ days of Overgrow. I was sent the seeds along with a taste of the product and a warning that it was particularly strong and affects could be long-lasting. I ignored the warning and did three massive bong hits which resulted in me being so stoned that I was up for hours on end puking in the toilet, bombed and laughing at the pathetic condition I found myself in. It certainly had the power and power was important for me because I am a medical user searching for the "silver bullet" strain that would kill migraine headaches and not suffer the inevitable tolerance build-up. Off and on, for the last two years, I have been playing with this strain and some of the resulting interesting things that have spun out of it (described later in this report).

During the flowering cycle, the nutes went up to 0-6-12 in the second week of flowering and then up to 0-8-16 for the duration. The plants had a full 7-day flush at the end, but my impression is that these plants could be bigger feeders and once you isolate where you want to harvest, pump in the nutes and see what happens.

Russian Roulette
Medical Strain Cannabis – Migraine Pain Relief

Hitting Power: 8 – There are harder hitters out there, but not many that you are likely to want to grow. Abuse will give you your first cannabis overdose and I don’t recommend it because you can get "too high".
Analgesic Properties: 9 – Great pain management.
Appetite Stimulation Properties: 8 – Okay, so you will get the munchies.
Psychoactive Stimulation Properties: 9 – Color perception changes noted, but not a lot of couchlock. The mental "over-processing" in the brain that is common to marijuana poisoning that is the precursor to serious couchlock was noted.
Medical Efficacy Properties: 9 – Medical patients really need to pay attention to this one.
Ease of Growing: 8 – This strain is friendly to all growers.
Yield: 6 – This is one of the lowest-yielding strains I have grown, but it can do better if you have more light. Should be outstanding outside.
Odor: 8 – Not a lot of odor, but you do need to keep an eye (or nose) on it.
Commercial Potential: 7 – This is killa’ pot, but the yield issue must be dealt with a bit more.

Grow Cycle Observations:
During the vegetative cycle, I noted that nutrient strength has to be limited – in the first 21 days there were no amendments other than SM-90 and 2 tablespoons of CalMag+. This strain is optimized for a pH range of 6.2 to 5.6, but it can tolerate bigger swings as my system tends to yo-yo the pH. In the last 21 days of the veg. phase I ran 0-3-6 the first week and 0-4-8 in the second week and third week. There were no re-tops of nutes due to feeding and replacement.