reddit growing weed indoors

Reddit growing weed indoors

everything you and op need is here read it all

I’m in your same boat, I kind of shot the bullet early and bought my seeds with out any proper equipment so now I’m stuck waiting for my seeds while I research on what to do.

They have a wiki on this reddit with stuff to buy I’m not sure where to find any videos though since YouTube is removing them

Read up as much as u can. Then re read before u hit that particular stage. I failed my first grow, 2nd one onwards I was pulling 6oz min from 4 auto every time with minimal reinvestment

Reddit growing weed indoors

My plan was to just put the plant in my balcony where there is a lot of sun and the plant will be hidden behind a big tree right in front of my balcony. I am not worried about being caught since nobody in my country knows what the actual plant looks like. They only know about hashish.

So, while I was surfing the internet yesterday, I found a website that sells marijuana weeds and I thought maybe I can get some and grow them, but the problem is I have never grown anything before and I am afraid I might waste $50 (the price of the seeds) which is a lot of money in my country (The buying power of about 500 dollars in America) for nothing.

I live in a middle eastern country where the quality of weed is extremly poor, and because it's illegal, you can only buy it from some sketchy drug dealer in a dark place and for a steep price, and because it comes in hashish form they dilute it with a lot of other harmful stuff.

I have read the wiki and I have read many more resources. The problem is I can't decide on a certain method. Like I don't know if I should grow it indoors or outdoors, which one is easier. I am worried that I will not get much yield at the end. Do you think a beginner can get 1500 grams growing 5 seeds? I know that this question is tricky to answer since there is a lot of factors involved. But, given that I will add nutrients that are supposed to be used for normal flowers and make sure they have enough supply of water, does 1500 grams seem possible?

If you have any advice on whether I should grow indoors or outdoors please let me know.