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Rafael seeds

The Rafael has and Peach flavorsRafael seeds are not available to buy online at the moment, we will update the information as soon as we have a seedbank selling Rafael seeds.

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Rafael flavors

You want to buy Rafael seeds? Get yourself informed about the effects of the Rafael strain. Rafael is known for the following effects:

Read the Rafael seed specifications in the table below. The values may vary between the different seedbanks where you can buy Rafael seeds.

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Rafael seeds

Nothing against Barty. It's more than reasonable to note she won the French in 2019 and didn't play there last year (for very good reasons). But she ain't the—or even a—defending champ. Just because she won it the last time she played it doesn’t make her a defending champ. (If it did, Steffi Graf would be a co-defending champ if she entered this year’s French Open. Pete Sampras at the U.S. Open, too.) I recognize that Barty still has her rankings points from 2019, so you can accurately say she’s defending those. But she’s not defending her 2019 championship. They played another French Open in 2020. (Cf. Wimbledon, where the 2019 winners, Halep and Djokovic, can still be considered defending champs this year.)

Any chance they’ll seed Nadal at No. 2 this year? Medvedev earned his No. 2 ranking but the chances of him getting to the second week are slim. It would be sad to have a possibility of Novak and Rafa in the semi over the final.

• You are right, of course. This was a nod to a) the wacky 2020 schedule; b) Barty’s decision not to defend in 2020, i.e. her entering the 2021 event with a 7-0 Roland Garros winning streak; c) the fact that both enter having played superlative clay court tennis this spring.

This is a semantic quibble, but that's what the Mailbag is for, right? You called Barty and Swiatek "co-defending champs" at the French Open. I've seen/heard other people refer to them that way as well. Unless there was a tie the previous year (like there used to be in college football) there cannot be co-defending champs. There was a French Open last year. Swiatek—only Swiatek—won the women's tournament. Therefore, Swiatek — only Swiatek — is the defending champ.

Djokovic Included in Australian Open Draw After Delay

• Here’s a quick Mailbag. We’ll have seed reports later in the week.

Irony: my strong suspicion is that Medvedev himself wouldn’t mind the downgrade. To his credit, he has been side-splittingly self-deprecating (realistic?) about his awfulness on the surface. “Please default me; it would be better for everybody” is in the running for quote of the year. You say that the second seed—and prize money for reaching the finals—is the reward for being ranked No. 2. But, as the correspondent notes, Medvedev’s chances of reaching the second week are so thin—6’6”, 182 pounds thin, you might say—that this is not really a consideration.

Side points: 1) A few of you asked about the shortened interval between the French and Wimbledon. I suspect most players will be fine with it. But Federer could use more time on grass and less on clay. He designs his schedule to peak for Wimbledon, and in four weeks we’ll have a much better and truer sense of his game’s GPS coordinates. 2) We say cavalierly that Federer and Djokovic have “only” won Roland Garros once, implying that they are both average clay-courters. The periodic reminder: this is much more about Nadal’s dominance. Absent Rafa, Federer and Djokovic are likely two of the towering clay-courters in history.

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• It’s not the ranking system, so much as it’s the seeding “system” that is no system at all, but rather a recitation of the rankings. Two points: A) We are calling for some subjectivity now. But departing from the ranking and allowing for bias (and Wimbledon’s formula contains inherent bias) can be problematic as well. B) There’s really a philosophical question here. Are seedings supposed to be predictive? Or rewards for accumulated past success?

National listing/Official recommendation:

RAFAEL is a very early variety, therefore with a very high matter production at the beginning. This is finally also the reason for a strong yield in the first cut. The second strength of RAFAEL is the very good sward density. Winter hardiness and persistence are other good arguments for this variety.

  • stolon-forming red fescue with great sward density
  • robust with solid yield performance
  • early variety in the forage red fescue segment