quiver killer kush seeds

Quiver killer kush seeds

We all wish we had a bulldozer at our disposal for creating new food plots.

Site Prep for New or First Year Food Plots

Wait until just before a rain to seed your food plots. This is really important when broadcast seeding food plots.

Seeding Your Food Plot

First off, the type of seed you want to plant ( click here for suggestions ) will play a role in how vigorously the land needs to be worked. Small, hardy seeds, like clovers and brassicas, can do quite well with as little as a bit of ground scraping with a steel rake. Of course, the better a seed bed is worked, the better seed-to-soil contact you will achieve. Again, the biggest thing is making sure the weeds are killed and plant just before a decent rain.

Quiver killer kush seeds

Use finely ground Hemp seed for paste baits. Paste baits can be mixed very soft – many match anglers have kept exactly how soft a close secret. With a generous ‘Glug’ of unrefined Hemp Oil you can boost your paste and slightly increase the breakdown time of a very soft mix.
In a very stiff paste mix the oils will help bind the base mix for a slower breakdown time – experiment with levels of oil in your paste and turn your bait into a match winner.

Pour half a cup Hemp Oil over popcorn and mieliebom balls before casting to create a very attractive oil slick.


Sprinkle Hemp Oil over boilies, cover the boilies a few days before going fishing so they absorb the oil intensely.

One trick that many anglers use when cooking Hemp is to pour some dry Hemp seed into a cool box, cover it with boiling water and then put the lid on the cool box. Place a heavy item on top of the lid to ensure air doesn’t escape, and by the morning your cooked hemp seed should be ready to use.

Hemp Seed Extract.

Mix 2 cups Hemp Oil with enough water for 1kg dry method mixes (also popcorn and mieliebom).