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Medically speaking, Purple People Eater’s relaxing properties can benefit a wide range of different issues. If you’re suffering from anxiety, stress, or depression, or even physical pain, Purple People Eater may be the right strain for you.

Purple People Eater is a fantastic strain for a special treat after a long day of work; the perfect precursor to a great night’s sleep or a long, lazy day.

You may have heard the song, but have you heard of the Purple People Eater cannabis strain? Named for its impressive purple flowers, this primarily indica hybrid has serious sedating capabilities with a THC content that falls between 16 percent and 23 percent.

Even those who suffer from chronic issues like arthritis or lupus have found Purple People Eater perfect for keeping their painful symptoms at bay. Thanks to Purple People Eater’s anti-inflammatory properties, this strain can even ease the pain of common occurrences like headaches. And, not to worry for those of us who can be prone to paranoia–that’s not likely to happen with this strain.