purple gelato seeds

On the negative, it leaves a dry mouth and dry eyes. In high doses it causes paranoia.

This strain requires some growing experience.

With the right growing conditions expect yields up to 550grams per square meter for indoor cultivation and up to 400-550grams per plant for outdoor cultivation.

Flavors of the Purple Gelato Strain

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It flowers in 8 – 10 weeks in controlled environments.

Effects of Purple Gelato weed seeds

Sometimes you just need an imposing high. Purple Gelato feminized seeds grow weed that just does that.

Purple Gelato hits the body a polarizing high that keeps the brain alert and active to notice what it is doing.

Purple gelato seeds

Purchase this item and get 9-438 Blimcoins – a worth of 0,45 € – 21,90 €

Such an amazing blend of genetics resulted in a THC powerhouse with tantalizing flavors and a gorgeous aroma.


Purple Gelato is an Indica dominant strain from the Purple Haze x Gelato cross. A high-quality Californian strain that got its name for its purple hues and gourmet aroma.

Purchase this item and get 9-438 Blimcoins – a worth of 0,45 € – 21,90 €


Purple Gelato is quite difficult to grow even for experienced growers. Maintaining the right conditions can be quite tricky, but is still doable as long as the grower has the necessary knowledge and skills in cannabis growing techniques. It is also vital to invest more time and effort in carefully monitoring the ripening progress of the plant. Despite the hard work it takes, the premium buds it produces make all the trouble worth it.